Saturday, November 12, 2011

Too Quiet

Yep, I've been too quiet. Plenty of things to think about around here lately. First thing this week was the stove element, I burned another one in pieces so I had to cash in some aluminum to get another. Going a couple of days without fresh baked bread is a hard thing for me to do. Not to mention the ruined batch of bread dough because I didn't notice the element was burned in two. Takes too long to get the wood fired smoker/grill up to temperature so I fed the dough to the chickens. they liked it.

Next, I learned to make home made yogurt. The cream from the milk rose to the top during the incubation period and made this nice, thick cream cheese kind of layer on top of the yogurt. I skimmed it off and plan to bake something sweet with it. I am currently thawing out some strawberries and blackberries to add to the yogurt. Just something new to do with all the milk I've got from day to day. I also made some mozzarella and ricotta to go with the left over spagetti sauce I made last weekend for another dish of lasagna.

So, some oven use is in the works for today plus a round of caraway cheddar cheese on the stove top. Lots to keep me busy today.....


  1. i am glad you got your stove surely is hard to go a few days or so without being able to bake. have you tried making and baking with a solar oven? i used to bake potatoes and other veggies on my way to work..used to be a pretty good drive to get to work. anyway, i would wrap things up good with alum.foil, put everything in a safe hot spot under the hood of the car and by the time i got to work..everything would be done to perfection.

  2. LOL Anon! that's how we cook underground in the coal mine! Works good!

  3. I have heard of being able to cook in a car like that and keep thinking about trying it. Going to have to now.

    I have been putting up pears (oh, so many pears!) and looking for new ways to eat them. I discovered last week that a couple spoons of homemade pear butter stirred into my yogurt is sheer heaven!


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