Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Quiet Days

Well, it's shotgun season with this being opening weekend. Nope, I did not get a deer. The day before season opened, the CRP land around my farm got mowed for the year. Gee thanks jerk. There's been at least 20 deer in my back pasture every day this past week until that guy mowed. Not one single deer since! To put it frankly, piss me off! Eh, there's more deer seasons still to come but it irks me not to have at least one down on opening day. That's my winter red meat supply.

All this week it's been cold overnight and windy during the day. All I've done around here is farm chores and work on those huge argonaut squash. I have several more to do something with and the small chest freezer is full of pies. I'm working on canning some up for storage.

I got just a little straw sold this week and moved a bunch around so I can get the barn stalls opened up for the critters. The bad weather is coming and I hate to leave them sitting out in it when they could be in a dry barn. Still more to move, just not sure where I'm going to put it.

The house tomato plants need transplanted into bigger containers, I should get that done sometimes this weekend.

I've got italian bread rising and cheddar cheese on the stove. I need to figure out how to keep the boy from eating all the cheese as quick as I can get it made. he's been on a real cheese kick the last couple of weeks. Oh well, growing boys need their calcium!


  1. Sounds like all is good. The deer will come, they like cut grass better it just takes a few days. We know that because when the grass on the sides of the road is long we hardly see deer but a few days after it is cut the deer come to feed on the new shoots.

  2. we've noticed the same thing as becky in regards to deer liking the new shoots - fingers crossed mmpaints!

    if i were in your house - that boy would get NO cheese - it would all be for me! i can eat a pound and a half a day - for snack - bahahahah!

    glad you are getting set up for winter!

    your friend,

  3. It sounds yummy around your house. How do you freeze pies since sitting on top of each other would squash them if you put them in after cooking. Do you freeze pies before sitting another pie on top of it?

  4. my mother useed to take butternut squashes and split them in half. then she would face the cut sides down in a baking pan and bake them..she also would cut them in half and make a dressing/stuffing to fill them with, then top all with a little bit of brown sugar and butter..i am getting homesick just thinking about those stuffed squashes. the deer will be back. put out a small block of salt and you will see them for sure in the colder weather.

  5. I managed to bag a doe a couple days before regular gun season here with my muzzleloader. First one i have killed with a muzzleloader so that was exciting. I wish you luck on getting a deer though.

  6. mmpaints - we are celebrating American Thanksgiving today - even though we aren't having our dinner until tomorrow! however, we are spending today thinking of all our internet friends, both old and new, and giving thanks for all that they have taught us.

    you have taught us much. thank you!

    from us to you and yours - have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving. you are very much in our thoughts today!

    (mushy enough for ya? teeheehee!

    your friends,
    kymber and jamie


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