Saturday, November 5, 2011

Misty Morning

It's 10am here and it's still foggy enough to not see the barn from the house. I had a rough night and slept hard, waking up feeling more tired than when I went to bed! I whipped up a ball of mozzarella cheese last night, finishing up around 1am this morning so ending up late for chores this morning was a "given". Day 2 for Daisy calf being locked up in the barn again and she's mooing up a storm, again. That calf just flat refuses to be weaned! Daisy disappointed me a little bit, last nights milking gave me a gallon and a quart and this morning I just ended up with 3/4 of a gallon. Bad cow.

We had our first snow of the year on Thursday afternoon. The ground is still warm here so the 20 minutes or so of flurries just gave us all a "fright" and a nasty foreboding of what's to come, soon. I still did the old family tradition of stopping to dance in the snow. Can't pass that up!

I'm already a little bit bored with no garden to tend. The weather during the day has been beautiful and makes me wish it was more like this back in July and August.

Oh well, I guess the nice weather means I need to bake more. I have a few new things for the daily menu I've been meaning to try, LOL.


  1. We had a dense fog advisory here this morning, it was thick that you could cut it with a knife(ok not that thick). How are your blackberries. I just picked the last few berries off of mine even though there are still blossoms, I think they are finally done for.Flurries? Wow.

  2. It was back up to 74 today,feels like 78, here in AL. It is so confusing. Because there will be highs in 50s next week. Can't you raise greens?

  3. northeast mississippi is alot like it is in alabama...right now we have temps that range from 40-80 degrees and no matter what kind of weather or season it always feels damp (humid). we grow alot of cold season veggies at this time but the fruit and berries are gone. i am interested in how you grow tobacco. i have heard that it is a long process from seedling to the final product. is that true and can you provide info. could your milk production be off due to the climate/season..i do know that when cooler shorter days hens do not lay eggs as well as long sunny warm days. maybe your milk cow thinks she is a hen :) sincerely, caryn


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