Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Sticking snow

This is what I saw first thing this morning. After 5 days of rain, here it is, snowing. Yay rah. It's nice, I like snow, it makes everything look fresh and clean. I'm just not thrilled about it coming on top of the sloppy, muddy mess I've already got out there. It won't look pretty out around the barns for long.

Yoda cat decided that Polar Bears dog bed is a great place to nap. Good thing PB wasn't around, LOL.

The pinched nerve in my shoulder is still balled up in full force. Wish I had somebody around here to rub it out for me.


  1. You got snow we got ice. A pretty good layer of it too. It covered all the trees vehicles and plants. On one hand it is really pretty and gets me in the Christmas mood and on the other hand it is a pain in the butt. I was just outside getting my fingers frostbit trying to break ice off of our young apple trees which were about doubled over because they still have leaves. My rain gauge froze somewhere over 2 and a half inches from this storm. :)

  2. Well damn Coley! Hate to hear that. But, you and I live in the ice belt and I know more is coming.

  3. Ughhh don't remind me. I can't wait for spring already. I love a few good snows but I am just itching for some fresh veggies.

  4. last Wednesday we got hit with 10 inches of snow - yikes! this area doesn't normally get snow that "stays" until end-december. but all of that snow melted in 3 days so we are back to normal. i don't like getting snow in november!

    mmpaints - i sure do wish you were nearer to us. first i would sit you in the hottub for 20 mins WITH a small glass of red wine...then i would massage that shoulder.

    are you receiving any regular physical therapy for it?

    your friend,

  5. We had flakes sometime during the night. Or, that's what I hear. I saw a few falling this morning, but nothing will stick after all the warm rain we had. Can't your husband rub that shoulder for you? I try and wear warm clothes and sit with a heating pad on those kinds of ailments. I have even slung something heated over the shoulder so I can walk around and not be tied to a heating pad.

    The reason I say to stay warm is that when I get chilled, I seem to scrunch up muscles trying to ward off cold and stay warm. I am sure farm work in this weather affords little opportunity to stay warm...lol.

  6. grab an old clean sock and fill it up with rice, or dried corn and microwave it for about 30seconds. while waiting for microwave to beep rub some cornhuskers or icyhot on that shoulder then throw that old sock on it. if you dont have a microwave, just wrap that sock full of rice in tin foil and heat it up in the oven. i have some mittens that i rigged up like that when my hands get to hurting. it rained a cold rain most of last night but just cold and icky today..things here in nemiss. should improve in the next few days. for cleaning up those paw prints i have one of those microfiber mops that has a refillable floor cleaner bottle attached. we just keep that sucker full and follow the dogs on their way in. good thing that chinese sharpeis do not like water or getting wet...that is a good thing! went out the other day and dug up four itty bitty pine trees that seeded themselves in bad places...i potted them in some old big tin cans. soon i will wrap the pots and make some kinda trash to treasure ornaments for them and give them away.. hope your weather turns pretty for yall. your rabbits and chickens sound alot like my quilts...every now aand then i sell one but the rest i just keep cause i love them too much or need their warmth. i sure would like some laying hens though.:)

  7. Oh, my! That sounds like some nasty weather you all are having! My kind of snow is when, once a year, it snows real hard (big, pretty flakes), covers everything real good, looks pretty .... then melts off by the next evening. Beyond that, I really don't care for snow, unless I am looking at it in a picture. It is pretty to look at.

    Those 'trash to treasure' potted pine trees sound beautiful. I will have to keep that in mind. I know someone that is trying to get rid of a box of old tin cans.

    Sorry to hear about your pinched shoulder. That rice/corn bag idea does work great! If you are fortunate enough to have some Virgin Olive Oil and some Peppermint essential oil, add a few drops of the peppermint to some olive oil, warm it slightly, and rub it on there. That might help to relax it and relieve the pain, too. When something is pinched, you just seem to hurt all over. Prayers and wishes that it remedies itself soon.


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