Monday, November 28, 2011

Cold, Wet and sloppy Mud

Yep, that's what life is like around here. Thanksgiving around here was just another day in a whole week worth of life. I didn't go all out and cook/bake up a storm, just baked a ham for lunch while the bird was in the oven. By the time the bird was done, everybody was stuffed on taters, ham and bread. That figures. We had the bird for lunch on Saturday.

Some new things around the farm, 2 litters of baby rabbits and a goofy hen has hatched out 9 chicks just in time for the crappy weather. She seems to be doing okay with them and with nowhere to put a brooder at the moment, they are better off sticking with her.

I've got a new roof leak, a new water leak too. There is just no winning for me this year.

Other than that, it's just farm living as usual with a side of sloppy mud thrown in!


  1. my thanksgiving went quite well, until my son and daughter in law got shanghaied by other relatives. upset me to no end and feel like my time with my children was stolen out from under me. but that is okay for now...we will get even later on. weather in n.e. mississippi is pretty nasty too right now and we have our share of mud as well. i am very grateful i do not have any livestock that i must tend to in this kind of weather. it is hard enough to keep up with the dog prints on the floors..and country dogs dont wear boots. i did cook up a seven lb. turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas, yeast rolls,cranberry sauce and a blueberry pie. and son and his bride did return as things were being laid out on the table with the good just about wore me out to do all that cooking but bless her heart daughter in law washed all of the dishes. i love her! i wanted to ask you if you raise the bunnies for sale or for meat? and do you raise your chickens to sell eggs?

  2. Oh good to hear Anon! I'm with ya, I hate doing all that work and the dishes too ;) Yes, I sell a bunny here and there but mostly, they're for me. Eggs go to a couple close pals but otherwise, we eat them up pretty quick. We can easily wipe out a dozen for breakfast ;) Muddy paws, yep, here too, all the time! I hate this weather, I'm constantly washing the dang floor.

  3. I am very near NE Mississippi, and mud does abound at my place. I went out into the hens' pen and almost fell down. All the new leaves and pinestraw had hidden the holes hen dug. So, I stepped on the slope of one and was staggering about like a drunk.

    My hens would be incubating eggs if they could. I take the eggs away, plus there is no rooster. I hope they are in the same broody mood come spring. There is a standing offer of fertilized eggs from a friend's physical therapist.

    Mud is not my problem at the moment. A gassy hen is suffocating me!

    Washing floors? What a novel idea!


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