Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Wrap Up

I've been piddling around the farm all week, working on shaping our new farm helper into a country boy. A few small projects and normal life as usual here. Yoda the tomcat is making sure my sack of cornmeal corn doesn't run away on me!

I got lucky with craigslist for once. I posted an ad to sell some of the straw I baled this summer and sold a few bales right away. It allowed me to pick up 100' worth of fence and another goat feeder. A little measuring and cutting on some scrap wood laying around (I never throw that stuff away, I might need it!) and now all the girls can eat at once without pushing and shoving. Polar bear did a little supervising, making sure we actually intended to feed somebody with the new contraption.

Since I spent a day outside supervising the farm work and making sure it all got done the way I wanted it to be (just did it myself, LOL) I ended up with 4 gallons of milk in the fridge. So, a big batch of farmers cheddar got made. I like the farmers cheddar because it's a relatively quick cheese to make. One I don't have to constantly stand over to ensure a good outcome. It's just got a 12 hour press time so it's a good, moist fresh cheese for eating. I'm slowly getting back into the cheese making groove and it won't be long before I get back to having good wheels from every batch. Making great cheese really is an art form and you get a little rusty when you don't make it all the time.

I still have that milk in the freezer for a batch of soap. I might find the time to get a batch whipped out before the end of the weekend. I've been asked to make pizza first tho, LOL. So, maybe soap tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a busy day! This is a busy time of year here too! Lots of projects to finish and food to get in before the first frost! Love the photo of Yoda!

  2. That cheese looks really good. So what is the difference between farmers cheddar and regular cheddar? Also would you be interested in some prime jim/jan blackberry bushes? My hubby and I have to go to my grandmas here in a couple of weeks and dig up a bunch. She is on blood thinners and can't handle the thorns. We dug them all up last years but apparently didn't get all the roots and they all grew back. :)

  3. Thanks Providence Farm, Yoda was one we bottle raised. he's a good boy. it was 38F this morning here, brrr!

    heck yes i would Coley! drop me an email! The farmers cheese is softer and moister than regular cheddar and takes half the time! it's a good fresh cheese.

  4. cheese and soap - hay sold plus fencing - sounds like you did a lot of winning!

  5. Do you ever sell the cheese or barter with it?

  6. Hey Chef! yep, this week was a decent week for a change. I like it when the plan comes together, LOL.

    Hey PP! Yes, i did both before when i was in the groove making it every day. When I get back to having it come out correctly every batch again, i'm going to give a bunch away on the blog.

  7. Your cheese always looks fabulous.

    When you post pictures of the mozzarella I can almost taste it.

    Take care.

  8. You've been really busy! Great job with the feeder, and the cheese looks splendid!


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