Sunday, October 16, 2011

Play Time is Over

Well, my mini vacation is over. One of these days I will blog about why I was on mini vacation but not today, LOL. Last night, I chopped up some late season sweet peppers and got them dehydrating for soups, sauces and stews this winter. Plus, I picked some late season beans and tomatoes. I'm going to can up the beans and make a sauce from the tomatoes for some of my favorite food this week (Italian food!) to go with that riccotta cheese I just made.

I put my fat foot in the picture with the argonaut squash to give a better idea of the size of these things. I ordered the seeds this past spring from Gurneys for my neighbor who graciously brought me these 2 monsters. I'm going to cook them up and can them for making pies over the winter. I wont bother trying to save seed tho, supposedly the seed doesn't germinate too well (according to the amish guy who suggested my neighbor grow them).

I've got lots of work to catch up on around here and plenty of cooking, canning and other projects for the farmstead. I also pulled the frozen milk out to make a batch of soap.

Lookie what came in the mail for me! A wonderful lady named Coley sent me a box of blackberries! How cool is that? Thank you Coley!

Well, I'm off to do some cooking, more soon!


  1. What do you use to prevent the smaller pieces from falling through the grids of your dehydrator?

  2. Hi Sel, I have the screens for the trays. I had to buy them separate, they didn't come with the dehydrator. my dehydrator is one of those nescos, i just ordered them from the website. They come in 2 packs.

  3. Okay, I might as well get up and dehydrate You reminded me!

  4. bizzy, bizzy gurl! but you are always so busy and doing so much it amazes me! and inspires me!

    so why did you need to take the mini vacation? is everything ok?

    your friend,

  5. those are some big-ass squash!

    my grandmother grew piles of squash and i loved it... butternut, acorn and hubbards, the hubbards got HUGE, took up quite a bit of space in the cold cellar!

    enjoy your harvest - cheers!

  6. Awesome! Lol I was a little worried you wouldn't get them in time. My hubby just pulled another handful of blackberries off of our plants yesterday, and they were delicious! :)


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