Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More late Season Veges

The neighbor came by with more late season peppers and we picked the last of the tomatoes from the vines. We're supposed to have a hard frost tonight that is going to finish off the plants. The butcher block is full of veges and I have 2 more 5 gallon buckets waiting to be processed. I put a round of peppers in the dehydrator last night before milking time along with a wheel of caraway cheddar into the press. I have been working with the milk quite a bit since the cheese seems to be finishing out much drier than what I expected it to. I am leaning toward thinking it is due to the large amount of cream on the jersey milk. So, this batch of cheddar got a slightly reduced cook temperature in the hopes it would make a more moist end result. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes...

It's an unpleasant 40F with rain this morning. I really need to get some straw moved around so I can get Goober back in the barn. I don't like being cold and wet and she doesn't either. The goats finally decided it was time to sleep in the barn and Daisy calf make herself a bed in the old barn where some of the straw bales are.

Since it is just so yucky outside today, I'm thinking I will get some sauce simmering on the stove and whip out some soap. I am waiting a bit tho since we're waiting for a call from the doctors office. Looks like hubster will finally get some attention for his deteriorating gall bladder. Modern medicine is infuriating to say the least.

Oh, in case you haven't seen it on the news, the peanut crop for this year is a disaster. Prices for products made with peanuts are slated to triple in price very soon if not already. I stopped in at the local Kroegers yesterday just for a look-see while hubster was in the doctors office and a 40 oz jar of Jiff was $9.39 with the same size peter Pan being $8.79. I also checked in at Aldis, the same size jar there was $3.59. If you like peanut butter, you better go get some now. Enough to last for a while at least.


  1. It is never ending with prices going up. Animal feed, flour, oil, peanut butter, rice, and gas prices are on the way up. Since we have yet to get a decent garden production and stuff we are still having to buy most everything and it is just not happening. I was watching NBC nightly news last night and they were talking about how some of these pharmaceutical companies are intentionally holding back life saving medications for cancer and stuff to drive the price up almost 650%. It is everywhere yet the "recession" has ended. Well maybe it has but inflation is about to drive us back into one if we aren't already. Chicken food is now over $13 for a 50lb bag and that is for the generic crumbles.

  2. What lovely looking veggies! Seems you got your hands full with getting things done!

    Hope the weather gets better! :-)

  3. Gorgeous Lady..I wish I had a green thumb instead of blue one!


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