Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good Week

It's been a good week but busy just the same. I managed to get to the goat auction with Blackie and Spud. They both sold for what I considered a decent price and I managed to NOT buy anything. Kind of hard to buy when you're broke, LOL. One of these days tho, I'm going to have a small flock of hair sheep. Hair sheep are just too cool. My son threatened to make me walk home while i was playing with a couple late lambs. He said to me "No Mom, you are NOT getting sheep!" LOL

So, the goat money combined with a little money from selling straw off craigslist and I finally have all our over due bills paid! Woohoo! Progress!

I'm getting closer to making good cheese. Daisy calf decided she didn't like being weaned and knocked a loose section of the barn wall out to get to Goober and I didn't get any milk for a couple of days. This mornings milk wasn't much to speak of so I think Daisy will find herself back in the pole barn stall all by herself where she can wake the dead mooing for another week. I can't wait for the moon sign, I have cheese to make!

I still haven't made that batch of soap. I know, shame on me.......

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  1. Hair sheep are the one things we want to get someday soon. I am not into knitting or crocheting so there is no point in getting wool sheep. We know a couple with wool sheep and they throw it away because the price for wool is so low. Progress is good! Have you ever decided what to do with Daisy? Homemade cheese sounds good.


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