Saturday, October 15, 2011

Common Sense or Lack of

This past week has been a real trial in patience. I guess I'm getting old because the younger generation is just, hmm, how can one put it, oblivious maybe? Inept? Uneducated? Completely lacking in common sense?

Okay, here's a good example- Family lost in corn maze- I heard the 911 call on the radio this morning, there is NO reason I can think of that anyone could ever be "lost" in a corn maze. That is of course, unless there is some invisible force field keeping them from just walking thru the stalks of corn toward the lights they could see over the top of the corn. I would have never in my wildest dreams ever thought there were humans out there so stupid they couldn't just figure out all they had to do was walk thru the corn stalks to get out. 25' from the edge of the field, they could see lights and hear cars going by. Darwin award winners for sure.

This is our world now. we have created it to be this way. We have raised our children with the television, cartoons and video games. Our children are incapable of thinking for themselves. What this produces is a young adult with no life skills and not even enough common sense to know when to bathe let alone the ability to take care of themselves. These "children" (young adults) repeat things they hear on the radio and see on the TV and internet like those things are the gospel and have no comprehension of real life. They are simply walking puppets with no original thought and are unable to do anything without being told what and how to do it. We have FAILED. We have failed ourselves, our children, our society and our world by not instilling normal basic common sense into the next generation.

This week has had it's fair share of mishaps to go along with the general aggravations that exist here on the farm now. Hubster made another visit to the hospital for his gall bladder and we are currently awaiting the appointment for the discussion about removal or more meds. I vote for removal already! On top of that, I'm waiting for tires to come in for the truck. I'm running on a patched tire on the duals with it's partner tire going flat every couple of hours and the tread is already hanging by a thread with the wires showing. So, I'm holding my breath until Wednesday and I will have to use the money I had set aside to finish the chicken coop to pay for a tire. The other one will have to wait a couple weeks for me to cover the cost. Just something that has to be dealt with, it's just life. It's what happens when you're making other plans!

Lucky goat is enjoying the cooler temperatures and is romping thru the weeds in search of those delicious treats. He doesn't mind the burs much since he knows he can always wipe them off on Mommy's pant legs while he's begging for his daily cookie! Yoda doesn't much care, it's just too comfy on that blanket awaiting it's turn in the wash machine...


  1. gotta agree with you. Though there are some shining examples of good, smart and decent kids out there; on the whole I think we've failed this kids under 25.
    Couldn't get out of a corn maze? Really??? And wait- these people have already bred!

  2. This was a family. Parents sure were teaching kids how to be self-reliant--use the cell and 911. Call to be rescued. I sort of threw my children into situations where they had to think for themselves, deal with others, and still be safe and in my sight....talking about at four or five.

    I can guarantee that my daughter would have just ignored the maze path and headed out the shortest way possible, leading her children without fear or frightening them.

    That gallbladder needs to come out, but the doctor may give him antibiotics so there will not be so much inflammation and pus...ugh. If they do laparascopic surgery, he will be up that day, and working in two.

    I wish I were near you. You could have my two just-removed tires that are better than yours until you can get new ones. Actually one is not bad at all. I always like to get my tires back when I get new ones and give them to someone who needs something reliable for a short time.

  3. I shudder to think how the world will be when this younger generation is in charge. Today I was in a store to make a small purchase and the check out was being run by young man I happen to know a little about. He is 20 years old, a college drop out,(it just bored him according to his mom) a high school honor grad, comes from a decent family. He rang up my purchase for 13.87, I handed him a 20 dollar bill, and he hit the wrong button on the register and it did not tell him what the amount of change should be. He just stood there with the deer in the headlights look. He looked at me, then at the 20, then back at me then back at the 20. After about 15 seconds of this I leaned in and quietly told him you owe me 6.13 in change. He smiled and handed the change to me and perked up and said ' thanks for coming by'. This is probably the future store manager, Hoo Boy! Thanks public school system.


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