Sunday, September 4, 2011

Waiting on Rain

There's my Sia, letting me know he still loves me.

Since I've had some serious trauma to my life and big plans in the past few days, I've been thinking about where the farm is now, where it was, the things that have happened to us the last couple of years, how I've dealt with different things, what my attitude used to be like and what my attitude is now. Wow, lots to ponder, eh?

There's a few things I don't have to think on very hard to remember exactly when they changed. Some other things tho, those seem to have changed more subtly over a period of time.

So, with that in mind, I'm already working on another brilliant (or stupid) plan to supplement our winter food supply. Since Mother Nature showed us her more cruel side this year, I will see a winter menu that is lacking some of the items I have become accustomed to having. I will have to adapt and overcome and wipe the cobwebs off my creative side. Since we have taken some serious blows to our already pitiful financial situation, I didn't even come close to building the greenhouse, killing my big plan to have a 3 season harvest(again, LOL). I refuse to admit defeat and have worked up a plan to once again do some indoor growing. I can't just have buckets of plants laying around when the cold weather comes (lousy windows and serious drafts) so once the plants get to that point, I will create an indoor greenhouse from simple materials that would never withstand life outdoors but will work out just fine inside. Now all I need is for the seeds to germinate!


  1. Yay , now that is what I am talking about, lol. I was just telling my hubby I need to be thinking ahead to my indoor seedling rack. We are going to take some cuttings from the few tomato plants outside so we can have a few fresh tomatoes this winter. I think the word improvise would about sum up what we (meaning anyone who is low on funds but needs stuff to get by) have to do to get things done.

  2. Glad to hear you sound like you will keep going. I pray your husband gets better. We're still here in N IL and things are going from bad to worse with the job situation.

  3. Some purr therapy. Hang in there and keep the goat updates coming.

  4. Coley, you're not the lone ranger. Me too!

    Patti, thanks for the prayers. I don't know what we can do about IL job scene. Don't give up tho, we can't give up.

    T Rex Mom, you're right, we need more Lucky pictures!

  5. Your thoughts have been mine, EXACTLY. How can I make a cold and drafty house more amenable to growing plants? I have a few thoughts, including things that, like you say, would not be suitable outdoors. My thoughts include a wire "bookcase" or shelving unit not in use, Plastic tarps, and a few lamps, plus setting it all up in front of a window that gets sun all day long.

    Mainly, I want lettuces, turnip greens, and some basil. I might consider tomatoes.

  6. I'm going to be trying the indoor garden as well, at least for salad stuff...spinach,tomato, cukes. Good luck to you on yours.

  7. i know you will never accept defeat lady - keep kickin ass!

  8. It's good to see that you're not giving up without a fight! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that times will get better for you and yours.


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