Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Come on now, really? Did this just happen? yep, I just can NOT win this year. Had to run to town for gear oil to put in the truck differential (hubs said it was full even tho I KNOW one of the seals is leaking) and on the way back, as we passed the county jail facility, I spotted an American flag laying on the ground. of course, that instantly chapped my ass so I had to turn around and go pick it up, prepared to walk all up and down somebody for their blatant disrespect etc. Turns out, it's a closed down office for the federal housing (welfare). So, here I am with this flag that has apparently been cut off the pole and thrown on the ground. The city police were glad to take my complaint and promised to follow the flag rules with my perfectly folded flag ( officer was impressed, LOL). So, I jump back in the truck and am at the city limits when I can hear something funny from the truck and the battery light comes on. I already have a sneaking suspicion of what's wrong so I put the hammer down headed for home. Diesels are hard to turn and have no brakes to speak of without that belt. I made it home tho, safe and sound. Now I need a new belt. ARG, I just can't have a good day....


  1. Are those cracks in that serpentine belt? Is that your vehicle? It broke? That is not a good thing for you right now. You really are having a really bad spell. I am praying over my car. Not really, I just hold my breath lots. Sorry for all this happening. How is husband and when will he have surgery?

  2. Hey PP! Yep, that's my truck, the only vehicle we have. That belt was replaced in 2007 too. Hubs is hanging in there, doc appt is this friday.

  3. Wow. This kind of stuff seems to be hitting everyone. I would have loved to see the look on the cops face when you filed your complaint. I have a couple of jokes that might make you laugh if you haven't heard them.
    The people of the United States approach Obama and say "We are in a hole and can't seem to get out." Obama replies as he jumps in and hands them a shovel "Just keep digging".
    Someone passes away and is standing in heaven. He notices a lot of clocks lying around and asks St. Peter what they are for. St.Peter replies "the clocks represents each person's life and it moves everytime they tell a lie." "See over there is Mother Teresa's clock, it has never moved", replies St. Peter. The man then asks"Where is Obama's clock?". St. Peter shakes his head and says, "Oh God is using it in the main office as a ceiling fan". :)

  4. Glad you made it home OK. Thank you for picking up the flag. I hope your husband's appt goes well and they can get his surgery scheduled soon so he can feel better fast.


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