Monday, September 19, 2011

Quiet Week

It's been a bit of a quiet week with me feeling a bit under the weather. I did work a small bit on the chicken house, I'm one piece of plywood short of having it all covered and then the paint and attaching the run to it and it will have chickens in it. It poured rain all night into this morning so it's gonna be a while before i get back out there.

I'm afraid i'm losing another tooth from the chicken smashing in the face thing. I havent felt much like eating so the boys have all been on their own for supper. You know Momma doesnt feel good if she won't cook!

I'm into week number 2 waiting on hubster to get the tractor tire off. Done waiting, the boys did it for me this morning. Now all I need is for the tire man to be on duty so I can get it fixed!

Maybe in a day or 2 this tooth will just fall out and i can get back to being myself....


  1. oh crap - so sorry to hear about the tooth - there is nothing worse! make sure to try try and drink some soup or tea, stuff like that. i know you don't want to eat because of the tooth but try and get a little into you at a time.

    i am glad to hear that the tractor tire is off!

  2. Sorry to hear about the tooth. I can stand a lot of pain but a tooth hurting will take me to my knees.

  3. Dang, thats not good. I heard that you can put clove oil on it if it hurts(I believe,haven't tried it yet). I can definitely feel for you.My teeth were in so much pain Sunday that I ended up at urgent care and got some antibiotics. 2 of my wisdom teeth are infected,it is causing throbbing pain from my temple down into my ear and throughout my lower jaws. My dentist appointment is Wed., blah (cavities and a bad tooth to be pulled, wisdom teeth sometime later). I would rather go through labor again than deal with this pain :) Hopefully everything works out.

  4. I don't remember a chicken hitting you in the face. How did it happen or where can I read about it?

    I hate to be a doom-peddler, but a 21-yr-old died from an infected tooth. Be careful! My sister took a whack in the face and had a tooth die. It was in place years later and the pain had gone away soon after the whack she received. I think her dog jumped up and hit her in the mouth. She went to the dentist after it happened and later. The dentist said that the reason the tooth turned gray was it died. He recommended nothing beyond cosmetic work. However, that may not be the case with yours. She is the only person I know that has had a "dead" tooth.

    One of my teeth is getting sensitive. Don't know how I will afford dental work!

  5. That sounds awful! Hope it falls out soon, so you can get back to everyday activites again, not to mention, to eat normally!

  6. How are you now? Has the tooth fallen out already? Have you got back to being yourself again? Ohh! I have asked a lot of questions... Hope the tooth is not bothering you anymore. Please share how you are now. Will be waiting for your reply...

  7. Have you gone to any doctor for this? You should go as soon as possible. You shouldn’t be neglecting your tooth. Wish you all the best & hope you will get better.

  8. Hey you 2, thanks for stopping in to see how I am. No, I have not been to a dentist, I know the drill, nothing to do until the infection is gone. it's not gone yet, still swelling around it and on and off throbbing (yay rah). If this tooth follows the same pattern as the last 2, it will be a while before it;'s loose enough to jerk out with the channellocks and I'll have another one for the blog, LOL.

  9. I read your blog and also the last comments. See, I also think that you must go and see a doctor. If there is any infection it should be treated, or else it will spread and will harm the other teeth also. Hope you will get well soon...

  10. MM - i am back with another idea for taking care of that tooth - i can't stop thinking about it, or how much pain you must be feeling. this might sound crazy but give it a try - take an aspirin or advil or tylenol and try to cut it in half-ish. crush the half pill in a bowl - use the back of a spoon. then take a normal, black teabag and wet it. put the powdered pill on the teabag and wrap the teabag around the tooth and hold it in place using your other teeth. try to keep the teabag on your tooth for as long as possible. refresh the powdered pain killer pill every hour or so - but you can re-use the teabag for a few days. i hope that this helps.

    i called an 84yr old woman that lives here in my village and she said to do that if you don't have any comfrey leaves. if you have comfrey leaves - do the same as with the teabag.

    good luck my friend - a painfull tooth is just that - painfull!

    your friend,

  11. I am sorry to hear about your tooth and I think by now your tooth must have fallen. Did you see any dentist and shorted the problem? It is always a better to see dentist as soon as you get any dental problems in order to save the tooth.


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