Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Yep, It's another installment of Lessons learned the hard way.... last year I tried peanuts for the first time. I just planted a couple of nuts in a car tire. A sort of raised bed experiment thing. It worked well and with the pictures from around the internet I'd looked at, I decided to go ahead and plant some in the big garden. Here comes the lesson learned... peanuts don't like hard, compact soil and they despise clay. 8 plants and that's all I got. The roots grew down to the clay and quit. I really thought they were doing good, the tops all looked great! Guess I need to build some garden boxes for the peanuts! LOL At least I have a good crop of seed nuts for next years planting!

Side note, small disaster today.... I've been looking for a mystery water leak that showed up on the water bill this month. couldn't figure out where it was and I had resigned myself to crawling under the trailer in the sloppy mess and cutting the plastic that holds the floor insulation off to locate it when I found it from inside the house. The wash machine has finally flew apart. I don't know why I never heard it leaking until today but there it is, leaking from underneath it and the water was just seeping down thru the wall in the corner behind the washer. I turned the water spigot off and it quit leaking. Yep, something inside the washer is broken. It's 11 years old and has been repaired a half dozen times already, Sears just doesn't make em like they used to. I just can not catch a break this year.


  1. I thought about doing a small batch of peanuts next year. It would be an expensive experiment though. I would need to build another raised bed then buy some sand to fill it with. I guess they will grow in sand ok.
    Maybe you know, How many bushels of peanuts do you have to have to make just one quart of peanut butter? I have made any before and it would be the only reason I grew them.

  2. Hopefully, the leak is a hose and not the water pump. I hear that directions to fix things are available on the internet. I just would not know how. Maybe you can do like I do, at least for a little while. My commode has a leak into the bowl. I turn off the water after I flush the commode each time. Yes, it is a pain in the neck or my back, but it staves off a repair.

    Too bad about the peanuts! If the washer is gone, use the solid part inside to plant in.

  3. Hey MDR, oh I havent a clue how much we'd need to make peanut butter. I'm still working on getting enough to snack on! LOL

    Hey PP, oh I wish it was just a hose. That's the first thing I checked but the water is coming from underneath the machine. ROFL, a planter, that's an idea! I was going to just use it for target practice, LOL.

  4. RATS! If it cannot be fixed, gut it and use the cabinet to dump compost Then, you have an inner tub and out tub for planting. Or, sell the whole thing for scrap. However, I am holding out for replacing the water pump or something.Maybe it is a replaceable o-ring. I am devastated by these sorts of things. I can only imagine how you feel at the moment.

  5. Stinks about the peanuts. We tried growing them years back when we were prepping for Y2K(haha),I am pretty sure we had the same problem (back when I lived at home). I like PP idea about the washer for a planter, very nice! Our broke and flooded our basement last spring. It turned out to be a crack in the pump, about $130-$150 later it is still kickin' and I believe it is close to 10 years old. It is a Roper by Whirlpool. We paid someone to come out and fix it, we just aren't that handy with that kind of stuff yet. Hey I was going to ask you, what kind of dry bean do you grow as a all-purpose type bean (baked beans, stews etc.)?

  6. Hey Coley! Yah, this washer is on it's last leg, you have to shut it off for a while so it will spin out and now the water leak. I grow red kidney beans and a white northern bean.


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