Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Too Funny

I know, shame on me for laughing at my Lucky goat. I even teased him just a little by calling his name. He called back and was trying to find me. I couldn't take it, I had to pull the bag off for him. He was happy to see me and didn't care that I laughed! He just can't help being a curious goat since he's never seen a feed sack before...


  1. Funny! If he ever sees another feed sack, he will probably have to put his head in it, too. Oh, we have to laugh at the antics of our animals.

  2. he's gonna see a couple more this year, the crop isn't ready to harvest yet and I'm out of grain! I hate to have to buy from a store but I bought that cow so I've run short to harvest.

  3. Love the pictures! Its good to have a camera nearby in case of funny animal moments ;-)

  4. If you sew you can make that feed sack into a really neat tote that is super strong. Any feed sack that is the woven plastic stuff will work. Thats the first thing I thought of when I saw this post.

  5. oh MM - THAT is mean AND funny - bahahahah! i envy you all of the fun that you must have with that goat - makes me want one!

    i have just caught up with all of your backposts - didn't leave comments but will start now. i am really sorry to hear of your's, your hubby's and the farm woes. but i am glad to see that you are still trucking along like the true pioneer that you are!

    keep it up girl - you are an inspiration to many!

  6. LOL, I don't blame you for laughing....too cute :)


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