Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy milk day

Yep, the calf is weaned! Well, more or less she is, LOL. Daisy calf is still a little bit upset with me but Goober cow is milking nicely. 5 gallons of milk in the fridge and one batch of mozzarella cheese done with a batch of cheddar on the stove. I am one happy farmer!


  1. Five gallons of milk is a lot of milk to deal with each day. Do you make mozarella each day? Trade milk? Sell it? Or, make something else with it? I would like to make cheese. Some day I will. People like you inspire me. How is the tooth?

  2. Hey PP! Oh, no, not just one milking, 5 gallons in 3 milkings. What ever i don't drink, make soap with or cook with I make cheese with. I'm seriously needing a cheese fix! ARG, the tooth is still there and still rotten, LOL.

  3. Homemade cheese sounds awesome! How hard is it to make cheddar?

  4. Hey Coley! Oh, it's not hard, just takes all dang day! I been making cheese since 10 this morning.

  5. Oh, you milk her twice a day?

    I read that some people leave the calf in with the mother at night for mutual comfort and for the calf to get milk in the morning. Of course, the calf is reunited with the mother after she is milked. I think that is how it goes. However, I actually know little about cows or milking or weaning.

    Maybe you could put up a cheddar cheese tutorial or a link to a good tutorial. Can we use store milk? I have no cow.

    Sorry about the tooth. Did anyone say anything about clove oil for tooth pain? It may help with infection, according to some. Now, I have no idea where to get clove oil.

  6. MM- happy milk day to you, too!

    glad to see you are making some cheese - that's the next thing on my list of stuff to learn and i have already learned alot from your posts here and on the forum. i will have a ton of questions tho...teehee!

    anyway - as for clove oil - if you have some cloves just pour a small amount of olive oil or vegetable oil in a small container and put a bunch of cloves in it. you can use it for your tooth after an hour but the longer the cloves soak in the oil the better.

    i sure do hope that you have some cloves to make this - or orajel or something hiding around the house. having a tooth aching like that sucks!

    again happy milk and cheese day my friend!

  7. kymber, glad to know that clove oil does not have to be commercially manufactured. That's good to know.

  8. PP - no it does not have to be commercially manufactured. i have spent the last few years growing herbs and learning about all of their medicinal qualities - i have been making infusions, decoctions, tinctures, syrups and salves. i also try to use garlic, honey, and apple cider vinegar with the mother in it in all of the food we eat. we have become super healthy over the past few years - no colds or flus or any kind of sicknesses - i think it is because of our daily herbal teas and the natural antibiotics found in raw garlic, honey, and vinegar with the mother.

    sorry to hog your comment area MM - but lastly - we are trying to follow a combination diet that i have sorta' created from a bunch of other diets. we are both type O's and we both digest raw meat protein easier than anything else. look up the "blood type diet" if you are interested. anyway - because we are type O's, we have a hard time processing grains - so we include grains and other carbohydrates in our diet but at a limited amount.

    daily, i try to ensure that we eat raw veg and fruit, fermented food (kefir, sauerkraut and yoghurt), steamed food, cooked and cured meat. i plan to do posts on our newly-created blog about diet if you are interested.

    i will also now go and check out your blog!

    thanks MM - and sorry to hog your comment section!

    your friend,


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