Friday, September 9, 2011

Dismal Day

The last few days have just been "ho-hum" days, piddling around the farm. I finally got a little bit of cash to pick up a couple pieces of plywood for the chicken coop and it starts to rain. It's one of those all day misting rains, no real precipitation but wet enough to ruin your outside plans.

There's been a few emotional drains happen this week. hubster ended up back in the ER and that young ER doc figured out his digestive problem in about 5 minutes. which of course, makes me madder than a wet hen. 7 weeks of no paycheck, 100 different tests, the 3 doc appts a week, the 2 procedures and $17,000.00 to a specialist (harvard grad) who apparently missed the week they taught the gall bladder and gall stones.

The next emotional blow was hearing about a couple old friends of mine having a motorcycle crash. Father/daughter pair and both were seriously injured. It took me a little driving to make a visit to another old friend to find out what happened and the daughter is going to eventually be okay but my friend is in very critical condition and it's not looking good.

I am getting some support from my loving and caring goat pal, Lucky. He ensures my good spirits by amusing me every chance he gets. I've been giving him horse cookies and he really gets excited over them. When I run out, he has to make sure I'm not holding out on him by chewing the hoodie pocket just to make sure it's really empty! Johnboy is in full rut and no one is safe from his unbelievable stink. Billy goats can get really rank. You can smell him all over the farm. The worst part of it he's spoiled and you can't hardly get away from him outside and he begs for attention. Am I ever glad I snipped and clipped Lucky goat!

I watched part of the republican debate the other night. Geez, we've got some real winners in the race, don't we? There is no way on this green earth that I could ever support Rick Perry or Michelle Bachmann. My "weasel meter" is just pegged every time either one opens their mouth.

I've turned my thoughts toward next years crops already. Since this year was so dismal, I'm working out some things to possibly prevent a repeat of this years disasters. We'll just have to wait and see how those ideas turn out. I still haven't learned how to grow patience, LOL.

I think today is a good day to just flop on the couch with a good book......


  1. I'd be madder than a wet hen too. Do you think they will take out the hubster gallbladder now? I can't believe you have to pay this other dr. hmm.
    I have gallstones as well but i have managed to avoid surgery by drinking-wait for it- dandelion tea during a flare up. Use leaves or root. for 6-8 leaves in a cup, add boiling water and steep 6-10 minutes. i add honey. tastes kinda like grass... for the root. clean well.chop up and cover with water.simmer 10-15 minutes strain and drink. I know it sounds silly MM, but it really works for me. (I used to use fennel tea, just steeped fennel seed,for digestive complaints -tastes like black licorice- but the dandelion tea works wonders and it's favortie price! Hope this can help, it has kept me out of hospital numerous times.

  2. Anon, thanks for stopping in and how cool on the tea. I'm gonna try to convince hubs to try it. Can't be any worse than the docs giving him antibiotics and paid drugs. I dont know what the plan on the gb is yet, we have to wait a week to even see his regular doc (appt book full). I am just mad over it and floored how much BS we had to put up with and all the pain he's endured over this.

  3. PLUS, it could have ruptured and he could have died! I think I would have a talk with the doctor, hospital that read tests. Maybe if this sounds like a lawsuit, they will write off the expenses. HOWEVER, wait until he is fully recovered. Play it cool until then.

    I think I could only have she goats after this post.

  4. That is some week you've had. It must be a relief to finally know whats wrong with hubster, but its quite unbelivable that they missed it for so long! I hope you can get your money back somehow from this Dr. nogood!

    Hope your friends will be alright!

  5. Well, I hope your husband can finally get some appropriate treatment now. That's really strange that it went on so long.


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