Monday, September 26, 2011

Cheese Day and Rain

A whooping 5" of rain in 3 days, yay rah. A little thunder from time to time, a good time to just nap and relax. Oh no, what do I do? Do I flop on the couch? Of course not! I made me some cheese and pastries, LOL. Of course, I got some net cruising time in too, I like looking at pictures of other peoples gardens. I might get some ideas to try!

So, a big ball of mozzarella got made. I had forgotten how hot the water to process it needs to be. My fingers are still tingling a little bit, LOL. The stirred curd cheddar smells great and is drying. I also made a wheel of farmers cheddar, half the press time and a moister, softer cheddar type cheese. While the curd was cooking down, I used a couple of the apples I got from the farmer up the blacktop and made an apple tart. Pie crust with butter, cheese, an egg and a tbsp of flour for the filling and those yummy apples on top. Some of the butter leaked out of the crust and now I have a mess in the oven to clean. Oh well, it was worth it!

Today I'm thinking about some rabbit and dumplings with french bread.......


  1. Sounds awesome, I will be there soon. When is dinner? lol.I take it your tooth must be feeling a little bit better. I am getting all 4 wisdom teeth cut out tomorrow morning(gonna be completely knocked out).We were just north of the rain line yesterday, all we got was a quick drizzle.

  2. LOL Coley, anytime you want to. I've got rabbit and dumplings going now ;) Tooth is the same but the infection is about done. I prolly should just have it cut out too.

  3. yummm! you just wait madame - i will soon be making cheese too - because you are such an inspiration. however, because of your lead over a year ago, i am now making bread and pizza dough from scratch. i found the most awesome pizza dough recipe a while ago and have been using it and it is awesome. i will post the recipe in a couple of days.

    anyway - glad to hear your high spirits in your post. keep on keepin' on my friend!

    your friend,

  4. That is all so nice and homey looking. With that much rain and for so long, a nap would have overtaken me. Of course, hands in hot water might have kept me alert. I continue to be impressed with you, having skills I never developed.

  5. danggit - you just gave me cheese lust Lady!

  6. That looks really good, both the cheese and the apple tart!

    I should be making cheese too, just always something that gets in the way I guess. ;-)


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