Monday, August 1, 2011

Todays Goings Ons

As I was contemplating earlier, it's hot here. Reaallly humid to go with it. I had to sit in the fan for a while after my brief outdoor adventure and set myself up a cutting board on a couple of buckets so I wouldnt have to be away from the fan while I cut up sweet peppers and tomatoes. I got everything prepared and ready to go before I walked away from the fan. My chopped sweet peppers are looking pretty good in the dehydrator and the sauce is simmering down nicely. All food I grew right here on the farm. Add in a little deer meat in the sauce and it will be ready to go.

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  1. I read your note on the side. You really SHOULD see what the sonogram says even if the doctor is not willing to tell you, so you will know how to respond. There may be something that should and can be done for your husband if you know what is wrong. Calling the doctor and getting a response would be my tactic, even if I had to call twice a day. Surely, someone can mail you the results. Or, the doctor should at least bring your husband in to tell him what he found out. This has been going on for way too long. I am sure you both think the same thing about it going on too long.


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