Wednesday, August 3, 2011

TEOWAWKI- New World Order

Here you go folks, this is what your America really looks like. This is what your government is up to- Raw Food Raid. Your tax dollars at work protecting all of us from the most dangerous thing on the planet. Raw milk.

On the heels of the biggest rip off of the American people in history (obamas debt hike charade) this move by our government is a clear declaration of war against freedom.

This is our country now. A country where you will be arrested for growing your own food, eating that food and sharing it. Don't even think about putting those evil vegetable plants in your front yard either. A country where you are arrested for feeding the homeless. A country where you can not have a lemonaide stand or give your neighbors home made bread or jelly.

Are you comfortable being controlled? Do you like having every aspect of your life dictated to you by your government? Get used to it because this is just the beginning. This will continue and get worse. Once the USDA uses the Dept of Transportation vie executive order to finish off the rest of the small farmers across the country by requiring them to be permitted as commercial drivers, eliminating anyone who does not have a commercial drivers license from operating farm equipment, requiring additional commercial permits and licenses for transporting their livestock and crops and a $750,000.00 liability insurance policy, our entire food supply will be under corporate/government control. Welcome to Agenda 21!


  1. If I am not mistaken, the most oppressive parts of the bill were removed so small farmers or gardeners can sell at market; we can give tomatoes and zucchini to our neighbors and sell our hens' few eggs. That is what I read. If I am wrong, someone set me straight so I can just go crazy right now.

    Oh No. I had not heard about the DOT and operating farm equipment. That is not going to fare well. I suspect I will have many lawbreakers for friends.

    I think Obama did the best he could with the opposition. None of what they accomplished will be good for the little man or woman. I just wonder when they salaries of the people in Congress will be lowered. What passed was just as much the fault of the Republicans as it was the fault of the Democrats.

    I need to have my back surgery and knee surgery before I am no longer able to get it under new Medicare rules, coming in three months, I think.


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