Monday, August 15, 2011

Quiet Days

It's been quiet here while we're just trying to hang on. Every piece of equipment I own is broken with no money to fix any of it, so not much is getting accomplished. I have gradually been trying to wean daisy calf but she is proving to be smarter than the average cow. Her latest trick is jumping the field fence that surrounds the property perimeter next to the garden where Goober cow has been penned up for the last few days. I did manage to get a gallon of milk before Daisy figured out how to get back to Momma. This morning, there she was, right there in the pen with that "who, me?" look on her face and Goobers milk bag was empty.

I've been salvaging what I can from the goat chewed tobacco plants and the bag full of seed pods is from just one plant. All the corn meal corn is now harvested and I'm working on getting it dried the rest of the way so I can store it for use later. I've got a 5 gallon bucket full of hot peppers for the dehydrator too. The free roaming chickens are eating all the tomatoes on me and the easter egg hunt is ongoing. I know they are laying eggs somewhere, I just can't find them. The farm is just a mess and this year is a complete failure on the self sustained side. But, that's life. Even the best of us gets knocked down a notch every now and then...


  1. We can so relate to what your dealing with as we are dealing with a lot of the same things here. No money to get anything fix. The garden is practically a loss. It seems like we can't win for losing.

    Praying things go better for both of us!

    Debbie K

  2. My house is just falling to bits, so I understand the no-money part. At least I don't have to hunt eggs! I read that if you don't let the hens out until about noon, most of the hens will have laid their eggs by then. My five plants in my garden are miraculously thriving with no attention from me. But, I don't have the same goals as you do. Your goals are more lofty.

  3. Hey Debbie! Ah, yes, the dang garden. There's always next season tho.

    Hey PP! LOL, lofty, never thought of it like that! One of these days I'm gonna have a chicken coop I can keep those darn chickens in so I dont have to hunt for eggs!

  4. We are trying to rediscover a lost heritage. I am humbled trying to learn skill my grandparents took for granted. Canning, animal husbandry, gardening, you name it, are skills you don't get from a book. It would have been nice to learn these as part of growing up. Every year my garden is different and I'm still just plantin an waitin. Last year wonderful squash this year nothing. Last year no potatoes, this year they are covering the strawberries. Just imagine if our lives depended on our skills. Keep plugging away, One year your life might depend on your skills!

  5. Isn't all this learning fun?!? We also have chickens who hid their eggs and went after the tomatoes. What worked for us was to keep the coop dark and quiet and to put golf balls in the nesting boxes. We also pulled off the buggy tomatoes and tossed them to the chickens to keep them out of the garden. Never did figure out how to keep them out of the blueberries, though. That is going on my "stuff to ponder in the dead of winter" list! LOL

  6. I just recently found your blog and have been reading trying to get caught up. It seems like some here have known you for years, so this has probably been covered somewhere but I'd love to know how many acres you have and how long you've lived there. I know you're having some rough times right now, but from what I've read so far, you've done a LOT, some amazing stuff, in terms of self-sustainability, property improvements and just hard work. Might be hard to see from where you are sitting right now, but from out here, you're amazing.



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