Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lookie lookie!

Of course I'm excited, I like snakes! I found this little beauty in the barn, same spot I found that awesome rate snake a couple months ago. I am thinking this is some sort of corn snake (rat snake) but I am waiting on the snake man to reply with a proper identification. of course, I had to catch it and play with it for a while and of course, bring it in the house so I can take a couple pictures! This one is super docile, it's a keeper!


  1. EEEwwwwwwwwwww! LOl. I stick to garters, ribbon snakes and green tree snakes, and baby ringnecks.....everything else needs to stay clear, esp. copperheads (I have no use for them). If you really like snakes you need to come on over to my hubby's grandmas place up the road. She gets some massive black snakes well over 8 ft long and big enough to permanently part tall grass. She loses chickens every once in a while to them.

  2. That is so kewl.... It would have scared the crap out of me though had I come across it. I'm not a fan of animals that come into my path that aren't suppose to be there. LOL!

  3. That would have given me a heart attack!

  4. Its beautiful! I would have taken it home too! ;-)

    Have a great Thursday!


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