Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life at a Standstill

Well, I was kind of hoping I'd have something good to talk about by now but we're still just hanging on around here. One day at a time. While the heat of the day has lessened, the humidity level is still making life a sweaty, uncomfortable experience. Goober cow has done her job well, she ate down all the grass and stomped the weeds in the garden. Now I'm just waiting on the neighbor to get around to turning it all over. I'm going to move the critter pens elsewhere on the farm and plant more of a fall garden in the rich, manure filled soils. The wait just kills me but all my equipment is broken so I don't have a choice.

Oh, we, the boy, the young man that is staying here now to help me and myself, we got Spud gentled down some and got a band on his family pride. It was actually harder than I expected it to be but I got the deed done. Much less traumatic than how Lucky goat got to be neutered. Poor Spud, at least he didn't have to find out the hard way that it's better to be born a girl than a boy on the farm.

The easter egg hunt continues. I know those darn chickens are laying eggs. it sure would be nice if I could find them from day to day! One day soon tho, I will have enough money left over to buy a roll or 2 of wire and some sheet tin roofing and we won't have to hunt for eggs again.

The lawn tractor is still not running but we spent a day on the back roads picking up cans so we could pick up some stuff that will clean out all the gunk from the biodiesel. Hopefully, it will help with the problem. I have never been less of a supporter of biodiesel than I am right now. It is complete garbage and a waste of a good food crop! The orange goo that grows in it from the soybean oil absolutely causes me mountains of problems not to mention the poor fuel mileage. What a waste of good soybeans!

I've been doing a bit of seed saving these past few days. I have sacks of tobacco seed drying on the fireplace along with okra, sweet pepper, hot pepper, tomato and corn meal corn. I dehydrated another 2 quarts worth of sweet pepper to cook with. I so enjoy the flavor sweet pepper gives to about anything.

I found an interesting article on Drudge Report last night, it's about Illinois unemployment. It seems that our wonderful governor (I didnt vote for him, actually despise the man) had this brilliant idea of raising state revenues by increasing the income tax rate. Well, it's working out really well (yah right). Not only did Gov. Quinn anger several large businesses/corporations in Illinois, a few of them even packed up and left the state. others have actively reduced their work forces bringing the unemployment rate for the state up above 9% with a total of 89,000 jobs lost since January. The link wouldn't open this morning for me to review and highlight it, maybe it will work later today. I can say for sure that the opportunity for a decent wage in southern Illinois is just about non existent. Gas stations, walmart and fast food is about the only opportunity for employment unless you are a CNA, LPN or RN. Even then, you won't find a decent living wage. The local electric conglomerate is seeking to raise it's rates, again, and the cost of fuel is obnoxiously high as well. Don't forget about the consistently rising cost of commercially produced foods. Even at a rise of 2 or 3 cents a week, it still hits you. The urge to grow more food is very strong now.

So, now I'm off to dream about fixing things around the farm and increasing productivity.....


  1. Good luck on the dream thing.
    When I day dream it pretty much consists of me on the beach watching the sun come up. Gulf Shores Alabama is my happy spot. We visited there a few years ago and it is my favorite place. Whenever I am getting yelled at by the wife or just plum tired of it all, my mind puts me at the beach, listening to the waves crashing in and watching the sun come up. They all know it too. One of the girls will notice my 1000 yard stare and say, "Mom, he's not here right now" LOL. I have some good times on that beach and in my mind, I visit often.
    I hope this made you smile.

  2. I think it is the same for everyone lately. Either no one has money to fix stuff or it is too hot to accomplish anything.Fall is right around the corner, and with that will hopefully come better weather for stuff, the only kicker will be what the economy throws at us. My parents are normally pretty optimistic people and they are now to the point of knowing that something bad (example inflation)is around the corner. Dreaming is good!
    P.S. List making is good too! I am OCD about lists, lol. But it does help us prioritize stuff we need and stuff we need to get done.

  3. I bought vinegar this morning. The gallon that was $2.22 two weeks ago is $2.38 today! That is a 7% increase. I did not see my income go up that much. Eighty miles south of here, near Gulf Shores, employment is 40%. The last time I heard, it was at 9% in my county.

  4. Practical Parsimony - Thank goodness I don't need a job in my own little dream world then.

  5. I hope things turn around for ya MM.I'm sayin a prayer for ya. Here's the link to the employment story u talked about.

  6. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.


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