Monday, August 1, 2011

Dripping Wet in 30 Seconds

That's what it took today, 30 seconds. A box came to me in the mail yesterday. A thoughtful blog reader sent me a sack of goat wormer. Thank you very much! So, after I scrubbed the kitchen from breakfast, I ventured out to worm the goats. They aren't too far away as they've all found a cool spot under the porch. Everyone but Spud the scaredycat got some wormer. While I was out there, I noticed the cow had tangled herself up (she's tied to a tree in the shade, 50' rope because she goes right for the hole in the fence every time she's loose) around a couple trees so I headed over to get rubbed on with the nubby horns and get her untangled so she can go where she wants to. That accomplished, I headed over to the weed infested and mostly scorched garden and picked a dozen Rutgers tomatoes to make a sauce for supper. Tie the gate to keep the goats out and back to the house dripping wet. I'll have to sit in front of the fan for a bit to cool off. Just that little bit of movement is enough to completely sap your energy in this horrible heat and humidity.

I haven't been doing much of anything these past few days. My energy level is zero. I've stopped the blood pressure medicine, it was making me woozie. I have been checking my bp several times a day and I am not suffering from high blood pressure. My heart has not pounded weird once since I've been home. But of course, it's the practicing medicine thing and not just a combination of heat, humidity and extreme stress. I just need another cup of coffee! LOL

I plan on making another trip to the disaster of a garden later this evening, the seed pods on the bug eaten tobacco plants need collected, the meal corn needs checked on, the kidney beans need picked, hot peppers should be good to be picked and I know I have some carrots out there still.......


  1. I love the heat. I hate the heat. I went to the basement to turn on the faucet, dragged the hose about 40 feet, let the hens out, got the mail, and came in to sit. Sweat ran in my eyes. I would be having a health crisis if I did what you Okay, maybe not a health crisis, but a sweat crisis. You sound less desperate and discouraged than before.

  2. I don't know how old you are or what your situation is, but when I was going through menopause I had heart palpitations. I found a book called The Pause that explained what to expect that helped.

  3. I just got updated on my reading, and read about your health issues. Seems like your body is telling you something - tell you something you don't know already, right? I hope you are letting yourself get some rest from the fray. Thank heavens it isn't like centuries ago when crop failure meant hunger or worse! I'm confidant you'll rally. You are one determined lady!!


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