Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quiet Sunday

Little Spud is growing like a weed and is following the herd out of the barn now. The last couple of mornings have given me a giggle or 2 with his tiny goat antics. By the time chores are done, he's wiped out and ready for a nap.

Flopping a gate across the front of the barn has kept his safe from curious horses and has been pretty good protecting my straw bales from those same nosey horses. Can't sell any this fall if they're all broken and stomped on.

Garden update- the tobacco is covered with japanese beetles and budding out, about ready to start flowering. The corn meal corn is 8' tall and most stalks have 2 ears on them. I saw a couple that had 3 ears pushing silks in there too. The beans are covered in pods and the tomatoes are covered with little green fruits. The cucumbers are rotting before growing to a decent size, too much rain. The hot peppers are still working on setting fruit and the sweet peppers have not yet recovered from Lucky goats buffet. The sweet corn Lucky munched on is up and looking decent. A side dress of rabbit poo for the nitrogen might be in order if it even quits raining long enough for me to walk around in there...

We're starting week 7 of the hubsters mystery illness. We'll be going the next 3 weeks without a paycheck. A whole week full of tests scheduled as well. Soon we will be done tho, we will run out of fuel in the truck by Wednesday and the co-pay for the doc visits will wipe out the rest of what we have. Not too sure what we'll do or even what we can do at this point. The stress is killing my guts now :( Even if we refuse his treatment and force a release for work, we will still go 3 weeks without a paycheck and he will still be ill. Not sure at this point how we'd even get him to work. I spend quite a bit of time wondering what we've done to be punished so. It gives me a headache.

Here's the broken baler knife. A replacement is only $75 but it might as well be a million dollars. Geez, this is just too much...


  1. My heart breaks for your situation, not a place anyone would want to be. My hubby and I just took our oldest(5yr old boy) to go see a movie early in the day when it is cheaper(thanks mom and dad).When we came out we found our car had been smashed into really good,the first time we had been out in a year and this happens (add a case of bronchitis to the mix). I wish I could help you but at this point all I can offer is a few prayers. Hopefully things get better soon for you guys!

  2. Righ t now, apply for temporary disability! You may not get it for a few weeks, but you will either get a back check from the date you apply or a back check from the date he was too ill to work. If you cannot afford gas, there are places to help you with gas to get him to the doctor.Of course, I know you need more than I can figure out.

  3. Practical Parsimony is right, it's time to get a little help, keeping up the farm, garden, kids and a sick hubby is enough!! Doc can wave the co-pay they do it all the time!! Disability is a must, drug companies will help out with meds you can't afford and your local church or charities are there for folks like you. I know you are too proud to ask for a handout but in your case it is just a hand up until you can get your family back on it's feet. The day will come when you can give back to others in need as I am sure you have done in the past. Prays for you and your family, not sure what Gods lesson is in all of this but someday you will see the blessing

  4. We're on disability from work(half a 40 hr week, no production bonus or shift upgrades/overtime). Doesn't do any good when you have no savings to make up for the loss of pay. The job had their summer idle time last 2 weeks. normally, hubs works thru that so we don't miss a paycheck but since he couldn't work, no pay. Church wants to feed us, we dont need food. There is no where here that will help me with fuel or help me not default on my farm. I'll lose internet this week, oh well, not important. BTDT 110F today with no air conditioning, should be fun.

  5. Tell the church you need fuel to have any hope of making money.

    You can talk to mortgage holder BEFORE you are late and arrange to make just interest payments. They will allow you to do this for several months. Then, you pay just a bit larger mortgage for several months. It is not perfect, but it is something. HUD, that's it, that who helps with mortgage.

    United Way and several other agencies help with gas to get to dr appts.

    Dial 211 and tell the operator which state you are in and rattle off all your needs. They will give you bunch of social service agencies to call. Then, if a social service agency cannot help, as the agency contact who can. This way, you go through all their brains and get help, eventually...sigh.

  6. I all too well understand that gut wrenching feeling. PP is right.. call asap about the mortgage and start making those calls. There are means to help with utilities and the like. (We have yet to make the calls ourselves for some things.. and the self imposed conflict about asking for help.)

    I know it isn't easy when they can't figure out what is wrong with your husband yet, but use the services. There is a lot more than food stamps.

    Make a list of what you need to tackle.. and then attack it bit by bit. Don't rely on the doctors. They are guessing. Get to a library and use the internet there. Seriously.. in times like this you need to keep track of his medical. Write down EVERY odd thing wrong.. even the really minor ones.. everything. Get a notebook and keep track of it yourself. Get copies of the medical records.. sometimes they have bits of info that they gloss over. Even things like reactions to food, itchy skin.. every tiny thing. Then insist your husband calls you "House". :P

    In our case.. it took almost 2 years and now they figured out my sister has stage 4 inoperable pancreatic cancer. (they kept blowing her off.. saying it was peri-menopause.) She told them from the beginning to look for that (family history).

    My list is massive as to what we are tackling.. in no way minimizing what you are going through.. just I know all too well exactly where you are at.

  7. I'm broke and losing my house and land in next few months. Mostly my fault for letting the ex into my credit line. I went about 3 years with no money to live on after making just interest payments on mortgage and her credit cards she maxed out. Now after bankruptcy I do have enough so I can pay the power bill and even save a few dollars but I won't have the place that I have lived on for my whole life. Thank God I had been a "halfway" prepper and had more than enough food stored so the grocery cost was nearly nothing.

    Enough about my problems, have you checked into social services? My nephew broke his foot bad and lost the job he just found and had not worked long enough for company insurance and they paid for his medical bills and enough to pay for travel to the doctors until he could go back to work. Our whole family was broke at the time so he could not get help from us either (I did drive him to the wound clinic some). If it gets bad enough talk to a lawyer about chapter 13, you may be able to keep your place and make small payments until you can get back on your feet, all your lenders will get paid just a little slower.

    I will pray for you and your family.


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