Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Organic Gardening and Freedom

Yesterday, I wrote a post expressing my opinion on a couple different things. One was the gullibility and stupidity of people combined with our continued loss of freedoms and another was what I consider to be a restriction of freedom via Arizonas ideas for "controlling" farmers markets.

Via the comments section, I learned of a nasty practice in another state of the county tax assessors office sending someone out to photograph the INSIDE of your home along with the inside of your garage, outbuildings etc. All in the name of "fair tax". Of course, you can refuse to allow them into your home but you will be punished with being taxed at the highest rate for the county. So, allow them to invade your privacy or be unreasonably taxed.

Anonymous commented with what appeared to me as suggesting that we, as a country, have no reason to be upset since we're all living in a fantasy of "English oppression". Now, most of us intelligent people know that history is always slanted to the opinion of the writer and 235 years ago, the people living on this continent considered the "English rule" to be oppressive. Like it or not, there would be no United States of America without the Revolutionary War (yes, one side was the English!) The US Constitution isn't an outdated piece of paper, it's what our country was founded upon! Deal with it! There's also this really cool thing called the Bill of Rights. Some of us are pretty fond of it. Again, deal with it. When elected members of our government trample on those rights, that's called OPPRESSION. Define oppression-noun- the exercise of authority in a burdensome, cruel or unjust manner. Now, I won't bother to go thru a list of just the latest dirty deeds because unless you are one of those people that thinks we need MORE government control (of course in the name of safety, those terrorists are dangerous!) you already know exactly what I'm talking about.

Whew, I need a cup of home grown coffee now. Next is the control of our food from the dirt to the grocery store. My blog pal PP, whom I have high regard for, has spoken up on the subject of Arizonas farmers market paperwork. PP, I can see your point with rude people and they should most certainly have more manners and if they choose to continue to be ignorant, the sponsor of the farmers market should do something about it. As for the produce being trucked in from elsewhere, do you really think government(USDA) control is the answer to that?

I've been growing my own food for years. I do it because I don't like what the government considers to be acceptable and safe. I don't use chemicals or grow GMO crops. I don't have to provide a "crop plan" or allow a government official from the USDA to map and photograph my farm to prove I don't or to tell me I am growing my food correctly. Define organic-adj-of, relating to, derived from, or characteristic of living plants and animals; of or relating to animal or plant constituents or products having a carbon basis. So, I consider the USDA controlling the word "organic" in the same light as Monsanto cornering the market on commercial seed and polluting the world with it(GMO SEED). The USDA says that I can't call my organically grown foods "organic" because they haven't approved it? Ah, but it's all in the name of safer food, isn't it? We all know how much smarter the government is that we are. What would we do without the government telling us what is safe to eat? How ever did our species manage to get this far??? Thank goodness the USDA is here to save me from all that dangerous food out there. I wouldn't want to be healthy and happy from eating a tomato that was grown in my neighbors yard instead of the one treated with chemicals and trucked 500 miles to Walmart.

Now, I know full well that we as a society have been pretty successfully conditioned to believe that the government is the cure all for every problem we have. That help comes with a price, nothing is free. Someone has to pay for it all. So, it all comes down to a single choice, do you want to be controlled or do you want to be free?


  1. great explaination. this interference is the reason that we don't even try to "make money" with our homestead. It's not worth the intrusion and loss of freedom.

  2. I agree, I choose freedom.

    Many farm stands around here truck their produce in from other states and even other countries. How do I know? Because I investigate what I buy. It is not hard to find out where your food is coming from (even if the seller is dishonest) and then make an informed decision.

    I know there are lots of problems with the Farmer's Markets however, I am of the opinion that more government intervention is never the answer.

    When you accept the government's "help" you end up in situations such as them searching your house and telling you it is in your best interest.

  3. War of independence was against the UK, not just the English. Sorry pet peeve of mine.

  4. I was not necessarily refuting your points, just saying what the "reason" was. Once there are dishonest people to control, then the govenment starts to become powerful. Ah, if someone could keep people honest, now wouldn't that be something? One small farmer with a CSA could not afford the tests to prove they were organic. So, the little guy and gal gets shafted,even if they are organic. However, when I hear a farmer at the farmer's market say "I use the least harmful pesticide to keep out pests," I know he is saying that if takes an arsenal of poison to keep the bugs down, he will use it. I am not filled with confidence about many things I hear from growers of my food, commercial or small farmers.

    I took no offense at your response to my comment.

  5. Okay, I did not answer your question. No, I don't think the gov't should control the operations of the farmer's market! I think the USDA got involved when the term "organic" was widely misused. How do you think that we should go about assuring the public they are really getting what is advertised?

  6. Hey PP! I'm happy for your input. People are jerks and they lie, I know. The farmers market has always been a buyers beware and the best way I know of is to ask questions and know who you are buying from. If it's really local produce, you should be able to arrange local pickup. Most farmers would rather sell from the farm, less overhead and you can see what they are doing. As questions and talk to people. As for GMO or hybrid crops, that is also another buyer beware. There's a big difference between a Better Boy tomato and a Rutgers! Nothing is ever perfect and for those of us doing it right, being saddled with the government is an unnecessary burden.

  7. In a perfect world, we would not have to question everybody. Most people see a red tomato and buy it. If it is good, they buy again. The majority of people do not have the time or information to ask informed questions. Yes, we will, you and I, but the problem here is that most of the farmers will lie to make a sale. I am NOT equipped or motivated to give lie detector tests. And, no, govt should not be more involved. It's a real problem either way we turn. I quit going to a local farmer's market 20 years ago because it got around that I was looking for tomatoes grown without pesticides. Suddenly, everyone greeted me with a declaration that no pesticides were used. I was wary and disgusted and figured I would just buy poisoned tomatoes from the comfort of ac instead of in the sweltering heat and bugs. Then, I started growing my own tomatoes! More govt leads me to gnashing of teeth!

  8. PP, I so agree. You and I are of the same mind. just grow it for ourselves, then we know for sure we've not been deceived. The morals and standards of our time leave much to be desired.

  9. I stoped shopping at the farmers market a few years ago when I questioned where in NC are you growing bananas and pineapples? If you are seeing strawberries in July here in the south you should know they are not local, ours are done at the latest in June. The goverment can't and shouldn't control everything, people need to make some common sense decisions. You are so right MM, find a local farmer and head to his/her place to pick up what you can't grow yourself. We have 3 local farms we get our meat and extra veggies that we can't grow. They are happy to have folks come buy and take it off their hands , its a win, win all the way around.


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