Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is It Hot Enough For Ya?

It is too hot for me! This is the worst part of the year, I despise being wet and sticky all day. Here in southern Illinois, it's the joys of the "air that you wear". The thermometer said 128F in the barn yesterday. That's almost hot enough to cook the eggs in the nests!

Thank you to the wonderful blog reader that gave us another day of fuel to get back and forth to work. God Bless you sir.

Since the job won't let the hubs stay in his crappy camper(they know he's still ill), I'm subjected to driving him back and forth to work. It's taking up 5 hours of my day, the 5 best hours(coolest times of the daylight) so I'm not making much progress in the garden or around the farm. This weather is supposed to hang on until Saturday. yay rah! The garden will be a jungle of grass and pig weed by then. At least the plants are shaded some and not burning up!

Oh, I read something yesterday that got me thinking and at the same time, made me mad. Modern Poverty includes AC and xbox. Geez, you know, I never considered us to be impoverished before, now I'm kind of insulted. Video games, air conditioning, big screen tvs, cable television and fancy, expensive cell phones. Hmmm, we don't have any of those things. Does that mean we're poor? We can't afford any of those things. Maybe I should quit trying so hard to take care of myself and sign up for welfare so I can have air conditioning! I'd like that right now, LOL.

I've been discussing a small equipment problem with "net pals" over at the APN chatroom. A couple weeks ago, I picked up a chunk of wood in the square baler and it broke one of the cutting knives. It turns out, it also bent the bale chamber inward essentially making the baler junk. Well, to us, that is unacceptable since we need it and have no way of replacing it. Now comes the rabbit out of the hat. Hubs, the boy and I spent a couple hours working over the problem, trying a few different things to fix it. Hubs brilliant mind, a cutting torch and some extreme adjustments on the bale plunger and it works. He basically counter sank the stationary knife into the chamber wall and adjusted the plunger to run right down the chamber rail. It will never break a knife again. But, if I ever pick up another chunk of tree, it will probably, destroy the baler. Now all we need to do is come up with some imaginative way to fix that $800 pick up rake track on the haybine.... we're working it out.

Skeeter goat is enjoying the freedom that the hot weather has given the goat herd. Since it's soooo hot out and it would be animal cruelty to keep them in such a hot barn, the goats have free range around the farm. No, the weeds aren't that high here, she's laying down and munching, LOL. I wanted to get a picture of Spud laying in the tractor rim but he was gone by the time I got back with the camera. Maybe next time he does it.....


  1. Ok, now I'm mad too. There are so many things about that article that upset me. It is a great link to go along with a post I wrote today so I hope you don't mind if I steal it for a follow up?

    Still praying for your situations. (I wish I could offer financial help but I am right next to you with all that. We will be making the mortgage just under the wire this month.)


  2. 'Video games, air conditioning, big screen tvs, cable television and fancy, expensive cell phones." I am using an ac purchased in 1977, so you can imagine how well it works on a hot day!.

    I have a cheap cell phone. The last cell phone I had lasted 4 years. Everytime a function quit, I just did without that cell feature. I really would like to get reception for my old,clunky 19" tv that someone gave me in 2005. Yes, I am poor by all definitions, but how come other poor people can afford all these luxuries?

  3. Did they find out whats wrong with your hubby yet?Hopefully the baler holds out for you guys.I know about the hot thing, we have lost 4 chickens in the past couple of weeks (2 of which were layers). It has been 98 degrees in the shade almost every day. The garden is frying up.
    The modern poverty article is interesting. On one hand I am astounded and on the other embarrassed. We are poor or maybe beyond poor yet we do have some on that list. We have gotten rid of as many bills as possible but yet we still don't have enough money for food. We do get foodstamps but only $350 a month, most people I know get twice that much and we are a family of five. I am embarrassed to use them at the grocery store, I hate the fact I am doing this. We do run the A/C but only because my hubby gets sick in this heat and we have a little baby, even then we still try to keep it from running as much as possible.Cell phones are pay as u go , when they run out they are gone. Frustrated and its getting worse, bills now outdo the paychecks. What are we to do? I found a link you might be interested in
    Praying for you guys!


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