Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Farm update

Well, we're about pounded down as far as we can go. We don't have a vehicle now. The dual batteries took a dive on us this morning. We don't have another vehicle and we don't have enough money left to replace them. Hubsters doctor appointment is at 3pm, we haven't found him a ride yet.

Looks like we're just smoked. So much for the goat auction tonite and I can't find another hay buyer for the small amount I have left. This sucks. Even if he was healthy enough to go back to work, now we can't even get him there. Looks like we're done. We gave it a good fight tho.

Afernoon addition- hubsters Mom took him to the doctor, another 2 weeks off work and more medications. No help with the truck batteries so no goats to the auction. Guess I'm walking to the hay field tomorrow.....


  1. Things are darkest before the dawn. Don't ever give up!

  2. Hey girl don't give up, something is bound to give. I am praying for you guys. You are truly an inspiration for striking out and becoming self sufficient proving to this lazy nation that hard work does and will pay off(even if things aren't looking up for the moment). Anybody else that I know would have given up a long way back. Keep it up :)

  3. We're not there but getting close. I will surely keep you in my prayers.

  4. Any social service agency you call will assist you in finding a ride to the doctor for a man with blood running out his anus. I know you want to be self-sufficient, but some days you just have to look to others in the community for help. If I were closer, I would take you and could find someone to fix your vehicle for free. No, no one ever fixes mine for free, but I am persuasive for others. I would even brave goats and take them to auction! Isn't it sooo nice when people WOULD help if they were there.

  5. If you can't afford to fix the truck it is about time to get rid of it and buy a small car that gets good mileage. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and do something. Sell the dam cow or goats or something and raise some cash until he can work. Go to the public aid office and sign up for whatever they will give you. FK

  6. Sending big prayers your way. We are just about there too.... Wish I was closer....

    Debbie K

  7. Hey FK, that sounds like a dang good idea doesnt it? Can I haul hay or pull a stock trailer or haul compost in a car? Don't think so. Can't buy something with good looks and charm either. I aint feeling sorry for myself, I'm realistic about what real life is like and it's dumping crap on me big time. A person that hustles and works as hard as me should not have this crappy of a time of it. Any time you wanna try living in my shoes, you just drive right down rt 13 for a visit and give it a try.

  8. Debbie, thanks so much! I need a prayer, I need several!

    PP, you're the greatest! Another auction will come along, hopefully soon or maybe somebody will buy one or 2 from seeing the sign out front. Mom took hubs to the doc, I'll h ave to hear the big lecture for the next week for it but I just tune her out ;)

    Patti, thank you so much!

    Coley, I'm trying. I really am. Say a prayer for me will ya?

    TheLight, I hear ya, enough dark already tho. We just can't seem to catch a break. Say a prayer for me will ya?

  9. I have been in your shoes and sometimes you have to be willing to give up on things and try others. When my kids were little we didnt have a pot to piss in. More than once I applied for food stamps and other goverment aid. I sold that big pickup and drove a ford escort for several years. So I have walked in your shoes and it sucks but you are the one in charge of your life not the bad things that happen. fk

  10. What else should I give up FK? I don't have air conditioning, we don't have a TV, we don't buy food, I'm walking around in shoes with holes in them, we sold everything worth anything during the 18 month unemployment. I guess I could let SEIEC just shut the electric off and go without a fridge. I can go back to riding my horse to town for free wi=fi like i did last year. I have 3 vehicles sitting here, all broke down. None are newer than 12 years old. How do I control a physical or mental illness? Broke is broke, I didn't get this way by being lazy or stupid.

  11. Sorry I don't have any Redneck wisdom for ya but I do wished I could help.
    I spent many years in the hay fields trying to make a living and finally decided it was not worth it. My junk stayed broke down more than it ran. I finally gave up the hay business, sold all my junk for just over scrap metal price and got a job and the rest is history.
    During that time tho, we didn't have electricity, running water or any modern conveniences. We ate tomatoes that grew from our septic line out flow. There is no telling how many times we ate the same seeds, lol.
    We got through it one way or another and so will you but that does not help your situation any right now, I know.
    I can't say I have walked in your shoes because every situation is different plus you wear women's shoes and they won't fit, that's funny right there.
    Good luck to ya and hope everything turns your way.
    Modern Day Redneck

  12. You've got to be the most hard working, determined person I've ever heard of in this day & age. All you can do is what you're doing, put your head down and keep on plodding along. I just hope you're not too proud to accept govt. assitance. I've paid into it my entire 47 year life, and it's for folks like you that are suffering hardships. I don't have a problem with helping out people who need a hand up like you, but I can't tolerate knowing that there are plenty of people out there just wanting a perpetual handout (like relatives of mine :( ). Good luck, I'll be praying for you! Please don't lose faith in yourself or God...you WILL make it thru this tough patch.

  13. ROFL, thank you for the giggle MDR! Thankfully, the hay equipment is the only thing going right! Now if I could just unload some of it. Ya know, I got really big feet...

    Kelly, thanks, give a little prayer for us and what's happening here please. I wish I qualified for assistance, my kids are all grown.

  14. You can still get assistance even if your kids are grown. I don't know what is wrong with your husband, but there is a temporary disability that he might be eligible for.

  15. Sorry to hear you are not doing well mm,I will pray for ya babe.

  16. MM, I've been living vicariously through your blog for a long time. I've been inspired by your hard work and get-'er-done ways, and your blog has been part of my routine. I was so sad to read of your recent trials.

    I almost hate to say this because it sounds so trite, but things do have a way of working out in the end. Sometimes something that seems insurmountable at the time can lead to something better when viewed in retrospect. Keep believing that things will work out, friend!


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