Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Night Garden

ARG, this is what happens when life gets in the way. That green mess is some of my kidney beans. Getting a hoe after that will make you sweaty, LOL.

The tobacco is finally coming around and looking like it's supposed to. I wasn't too sure when I transplanted it. I think it will make a nice crop. I lost a few of the smaller seedlings and a couple I thought were goners came on to surprise me. Plants fascinate me.

Here's more Lucky the goat antics. My broken lawn mower makes a great step ladder for eating the sugar maples!

Hubster had 2 huge spasms today. The feeling of total helplessness makes a person want to just cry. I know my attempts to comfort him are about useless but there isn't anything else I can do. Please help me with a prayer or 2.


  1. I sure hate to hear about your better half. I hope he gets better quick for both your sakes.

    I was reading some of your comments the other day on one of your posts and saw a back and worth heated conversation about how someone thinks you should be living. That got me to thinking and I wanted to let you know my Friday post is about just that, standards of living. So I guess you could say tomorrows post is written from yours, mine and all of our hardships because we chose to live this way. So the blog I will refer to is going to be yours if that is ok.
    Modern Day Redneck

  2. Hey MDR, go for it, glad to help. I sure have been praying. It kills me to see him this way. Yep, FK lives about 40 miles from me. Maybe he thinks I'm not working hard enough?

  3. Working hard enough? I have always heard and thought that working 'smart' was the key, not working 'hard.' However, most of that notion of what is working 'smart' and what constitutes working 'hard' is hard to define except for outsiders who don't have all the facts. I have faced a few people like that in my life. I think the work you do is outstanding. I just hope your husband gets better. What are the doctors doing for him? (By the way, I thinking you are working very hard and very smart.)

  4. Sorry to hear about your husband. My husband has ulcerative colitis. He got real sick, was diagnosed. Started on some meds and he has been fine ever since. That was several years ago. I hope your husband gets over this flare soon and can get back to normal.

  5. Hey PP! I'm trying. Life is an adventure, the more you want from it, the harder it is to get there.

    Anon, how long did the original flare take? This is horrible!

  6. He was miserable for about 2 weeks. They did some kind of partial colonoscopy for fear of perforating the intestines. Everybody is different. I hope all is well soon.


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