Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet Rain

Early afternoon brought a dandy of a little squall. Lightning too close for comfort and enough rain to fill the bottom of the wheel barrow. The garden is loving it! When it was all over, the goats were happy to come back out of the barn. They high tailed it inside as the storm was coming in, they didn't want any of it. The horses and goats were getting along nicely today, that's what I like to see!

Lucky goat is still splitting his time between the herd and me, I had to put a piece of scrap fencing in the window to keep him from jumping in the house to find me. If he wouldn't chew on everything and anything, I wouldn't mind him visiting but alas, he's a goat ;)

Hubster had a minor setback with a bout of vomiting up blood. I was kind of hoping he was getting better. Back to the doctor, again, and another appointment for Wednesday :( Looks like we're still needing prayers and lots of them.

No hay sales yet but people don't want to buy and haul it in the rain. Maybe this coming week when the rain quits...


  1. Prayers heading your way.It sounds like Lucky needs a job ;) The squall line came through here around 12:30, and we ended up with about seven tenths inches of rain. Hopefully your hubby gets better soon.Is the doctor giving you guys a date on when he can get back to work?

  2. Hey Coley! Oh yes, Lucky needs something to do besides eat my curtains, LOL. I think hubster needs to be back in the hospital but what do I know. Thanks for the prayers

  3. These are beautiful pictures! Okay, now why is your husband not in the hospital? You may have said and I forgot.


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