Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday update middle of June

It's sunny and cool right now but I know it will get humid quickly. Yesterday was filled with garden work and light rain showers. Not even enough to do more than wet the surface dirt, it's still dry underneath. Looks like I'll be using more rain water cache. Lucky goat found a hole under the corral gates and wiped out the sweet corn. Looks like I will be replanting corn today (for the 3rd time now). At least he showed me the hole and I can find something to cut him off with. At least he didn't get in on any of my cornmeal corn. It is looking pretty good. I should get better ears than what I got last year, crammed in the car tires, LOL. Ah, I shouldn't complain, if I would have been better at watering those corns in the tires, they would have produced better. The top picture is peanut sprouts. I'm trying them beyond just an experiment this year, out in the big garden. I look forward to how they are going to do.

Woohoo! Well, it is a good thing kind of, I got impatient (big surprise, I know) and dug up a coffee bean to check it out. It had a root sprout on it! I should have a new round of coffee plants in the next week or so! I will be sure to post pictures as they sprout above the dirt.

Hubster had 4 big spasms yesterday and just one so far this morning. If this stays the same, we'll be headed back to the docs office tomorrow. A little progress I guess, he's not vomiting up blood anymore, at least not yesterday anyway.

Good news now... we have new chicks! They began hatching yesterday early and the Rhodey hen has 5, the Austie hen has 3 and the Wyandotte has 7. I am thrilled to see live chicks after having the fox run thru here and clean out several of my laying flock before I ended his feast. Combine the fox with that sneaky rat snake running hens off their nests and eating the eggs and I feel lucky to have any chicks at all.

Now a public thank you to everyone that so graciously stepped up and helped me these last couple of days. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS you. You have all given my the chance to fight my way thru this when there were no options left for me. I will not disappoint you, I will fight my way clear of this. Please don't give up the prayers, we most certainly still need them!


  1. All that rain went north and south of us too...didn't get much more than a drop. I have been watering the garden the past week or so and everywhere else the ground is all cracked up. Have you been able to harvest from your coffee plants yet?I don't drink coffee but am curious about it.Also what's up with the cow...haven't heard much about her and cheese lately. Hope your hubby gets better quick!Still praying for ya!

  2. Hey Coley! Oh yes, I've had nice production from home grown coffee plants. That's how I know kittens dumping in them kill them ;) No cheese yet, still working on clearing up the nasties. Thanks for the prayers, we need em!

  3. Do you have a post somewhere dedicated to the growing and use of coffee plants? If not, maybe you could fill us all in on your production, drying, and use in a post. One time, my ex and I were driving though KY or somewhere further north. I looked out the window and yelled, "OH, LOOK, the little barn is on fire." He thought that was just hilarious! It was tobacco curing/drying.

  4. Hey PP, I will talk about the coffee, you can count on it! LOL coffee addict here :)

  5. MM, you might be down but you are NEVER out, you inspire the rest of use to do more each day, count our blessings and face the bad stuff head on. Prayers for your family!

  6. MM, I meant tobacco when I asked about the post especially on That was what the comment on the tobacco was all about. I mixed my crops or your crops. So, can we have a good, long tobacco post, too, along with another on coffee? I bet you smoke a Martha Washington did.


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