Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Soggy Tuesday Garden

Some serious slop out in the garden today and it has me worried. The 5" of rain and then the 2.7" that fell 18 hours later has done some major damage. The potato tires are done for. 2 days of slop and the tops are dying from rotted stalks. The kidney beans are looking drown as well with yellowing leaves and flowers falling off. The tobacco out in the sun looks wilted but the plants already shaded are perking back up today. I was surprised to see them wilted again after they looked so good last night. Of course the tomatoes and cucumber are loving all the water. It's much too sloppy out there to check on the garlic which may die from the slop as well.

What lives out there lives and what doesn't will get replanted for a short crop. Sometimes gardening just doesn't go the way you want it to ;) All part of it tho.


  1. Hugs your way and prayers for your husband, maybe the garden will dry out and take off after all the rain!

  2. Oh, I hate to see all your work gone! Grrr...redoing things does not suit me at all.

  3. It's been a rough year mm,The drought is kickin our ass down here,Finally gettin some rain in the last week we will see if we can pull out somekind of harvest yet,My tomatoes are pitiful.Hang in there,will say prayers for your hubby & u

  4. If gardening was easy, everyone would do it. Good luck. We are going though the same thing here.
    Small Farm Girl


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