Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Relief and Sweltering Heat

I thought I'd share a Lucky goat picture today. Last week, the nubby on the drivers side that holds the tailgate rusted through and I can't put the tailgate up. Not a big deal, just annoying. Now that the tailgate is always down, Lucky goat has a whole new area to play in. He jumps up in the truck bed, then up on the roof and down to the hood so he can try to get inside the truck and chew on anything he can find. He ate 2 fingers out of my hay gloves the other day. Bad goat! He is too smart for his own good!

I walked to the hay field this morning, got the tractor and raked. I had 2 rows left and a cloud rolled over and sprinkled a couple dozen rain drops on me and left. Just enough to fire me up over it. Had me a little freaked out since I checked the weather this morning and no rain. But, all is well, the sun is back out and blazing. I somehow managed to get myself bit by some sort of spider. It's in a rather sensitive spot, I haven't a clue how he managed to get there to bite me. It itches! Oh well, I did something right tho, I got smart for the trip home. I drove the tractor!

I called a race horse trainer friend of mine today trying to sell a little hay to the guys in his barn. He said he would get back to me the middle of next week. I also have a couple round bales spoken for, the 1st of July to be sold.

The taters need hilled up badly and the garden needs hoed. I hope to get it done in the morning before I head back to the hay field for baling.

The hubster had a miserable day while I was gone. I wish I could do something to ease his pain and make it go away. Please keep him on the prayer list, he needs it badly.

I can't begin to express my gratitude for the kindness I have been shown in the past 24 hours. Thank you all so very much. May God shine his love on each of you.


  1. Lucky is a handsome goat indeed.

  2. Praying for you guys! Lol Lucky is a hoot. Did they ever find out what was wrong with your hubby?

  3. Hey Laura! Lucky is a real dandy, isn't he? I am so glad I could save him. He really is a life full of love and joy.

    Hey Coley! Keep saying a prayer, he's got uclerative colitis. At least, that's what they say it is now. He's in a lot of pain.

  4. I hope they have done a colonoscopy on him. Sending best wishes. Pat/Texas

  5. Hey Pat! As soon as the inflammation reduces to suit the doctor, he will be scoped up, down and every other way.


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