Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quick Farm Update

Took hubs to the doctor yesterday, the doc has put him on a couple of meds to reduce the inflammation which should reduce his pain. He will be off work for another week (yay rah) which will put us in a serious bind. My mind is racing with a million different scenarios, as usual.

I managed to get thru the really thick hay yesterday without clogging the haybine up. I changed all my equipment settings and slowed way down. the drawback to that is, it will take longer to cut and therefor use way more fuel which I can't pay for. Great. It always seems like I am between a rock and a hard place. Just for a while, I'd love for things to go right for me. Oh well, crying about it won't fix it so I guess I'll just build a bridge and get over it ;)

The cow is still in the pen, LOL. Every morning I've been holding my breath in anticipation of finding the pen empty. Just the thought of having to track her down thru the country side is enough to make me not sleep well. So far so good tho, she's still there so far!

Somebody (hubs or the boy) left the back door of the storage shed open and all my banty chicks are gone. I can't find them anywhere so I guess the chicken coop I can't finish for lack of funds isn't a top priority anymore. Well, maybe I can have my banty chicks next year.

I still have 3 big hens brooding, the eggs should start hatching sometime later this week. Maybe I can have the coop built in time to protect the growing chicks. I doubt it but there's always hope...


  1. What a hard time for you. So sorry. I know that doesn't help much, but perhaps it eases it a bit. Don't give up just before the miracle comes!

  2. I git into that hard place between the rocks too. It really helps to look on the sunny side all the time. Dang that's hard but something good is always around the corner. Keep spunky! Hugs.


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