Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not Going our way, Again

You ever wonder why it's called "practicing medicine"? Spending 7 hours in a ER did have one small benefit, we got a scope appt for the hubster, much quicker than we originally anticipated. Still, 5 weeks into this, he's still in the exact same shape. Short term disability finally kicked in. One third of his regular pay. That's life I guess. Could be worse, we could be like last time and go without any kind of money coming in at all. It's just very frustrating and I know you all can relate. Sharing the disappointment helps me be less upset about it.

We dodged the vicious storms, both of them! For once, Mother nature treated us good. We did get a little bit of rain and the garden is just obnoxious. I'll have plenty of weeding work as soon as it firms up enough for me to walk out there. A bit mushy right now ;) I know there's cucumbers out there waiting for me to pick them and I LOVE cucumbers!

All the little chicks are doing good, I still have every one that hatched. I guess Gremlin was the chick killer and now that she's gone, I've still got chicks. Hate that I had to find out because of her getting run over. Life is hard on cats living next to a main rural route.

A quick 2 minute video of Daisy calf on the loose, investigating a dirt pile from the horse paddock.


  1. Cute calf! Hopefully, now your husband can find out what is the problem.

  2. Thanks PP! I hope we can get him straightened out soon.

  3. Hope you hubby gets better asap! Prayers heading your way. Daisy is cute. Might make a good future milk investment. Do you know on average how many gallons of milk a cow like yours produces? We need a cow the way we are going through milk around here. My attitude clashes too much with the goats(mom has some up the road)plus feeding them the good alfalfa hay runs just over a buck more than regular grass hay square bales plus this area is not great for growing alfalfa-too rocky. By the way, the storms that went out your way the other night gave us a really pretty light show all evening, the storm clouds were all lit up in the night.

  4. Hey Coley! Goober cow is a jersey and she gives 3 gallons a day with just 3 teats. Right now, the calf is drinking it all on me. I'll bet the light show was awesome, it was here too, just too close!


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