Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Farm update

Pic of a nest of turkey eggs I spotted while working on my hay cutting obligation. The hen kept flying off and coming back. I did what I could to get done near her nest and even cut around it to not disturb the eggs. I had to sell 50 bales out of the field to a race horse man to cover my tractor fuel for the week. Not sure what I'll do to cover my string, I could sell a couple of my milk goats at an auction tomorrow. Might be what I'll have to do. But, I'll have to quit the hay field early to make the auction. Can't fulfill my obligation without buying 2 spools of string. Rock and a hard place again.

Hubster is still cramped up bad and passing blood. It's not looking good. He goes back to the doctor tomorrow. I'm pretty worried, I don't know what to do for him. Looks like he'll be off work for a while. He can't work in this shape.

The garden needs to be hoed, the weeds are growing quickly. I have to be in the hay field again to finish the cut. Maybe tomorrow night I can tend to it. At least in the evening it will be cooler.

It's just life on the farm I guess......


  1. If he has started passing blood through his intestines, he needs to go to the ER tonight and not wait for his appointment tomorrow. Please go.

  2. Geez, hope everything works out for you guys. Praying for a quick recovery.

  3. Hey PP, he's already been to the ER, twice. Both times they filled him full of morphine and IV fluids, nothing else. This is very frustrating not to mention painful for him.

    Thanks Coley!


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