Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Late night problem fixing

Okay, one big problem is handled. A friend has taken care of my battery problem( God Bless your great big heart) so now, if the hubs needs to go to the doc or the ER, I can get him there and he can get to work when he's released. Everything else can just wait. If I can't pay the bills, tough. I'm going to walk to the hay field to finish my obligation there until the batteries come in and the horse will pack them home for me so I can fix the truck. So, now we need prayers to heal the hubster up quick.

I got a bit of a giggle while working on the laundry this evening. Our last kitten just had to be in the middle of it but got tired out and fell asleep! He slid down and was hanging by claws. I woke him up and he crawled up into the laundry for a more comfy nap spot. What a nut!

I had to miss the goat auction so they get to keep running around and munching the weeds for me until a buyer comes around or another auction gets scheduled. In a couple of weeks I can hang the rabbit sign back out too. There's always the free wi-fi at the park in town and I could get lucky and find a buyer for a little hay to help me out of another round of poor luck. I noticed there's a few beer cans on the back road, I will pick them up on the walk to the hay field tomorrow...


  1. A little something headed your way. My prayers are with y'all...

  2. And there you go. It's a plan, maybe not the one you would want but never the less it's there.
    Have you thought about Craig's list for the goats, rabbits and hay? That is where I sell everything I got. If it was not for that then I would not do the business that I do. Now if you don't have a phone that is a small problem but while you still have email or use your hubby's mom as a go-between.
    I'm just thinking out loud in all my Redneck wisdom.

  3. MDR, yer sir, I do have listings on craigslist, I hope I can get a couple good leads. My long time pal Craig took care of my phone problem for me, thank you Craig, so I can be johnny on the spot for a sale. Hubbys Mom isn't my type of person tho, do I have to? ;)

    Craig, thank you sir. Your long time support is appreciated.

  4. At least things are looking up for you. Now, if things could go a little better for me. Did you ever tell us what is wrong with your husband? You make me think of John Boy Walton, riding his mule, Blue, everwhere. He even like it.


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