Thursday, June 2, 2011

I know it's kind of hard to see, but that is the back side of my New Holland haybine, all wadded up with grass! it took 4 hours of cutting, tugging, cramming and shoving to get it unclogged. When I screw something up, I do it big time! I already had 3 small fields laid down so I skipped cutting in this field and finished the others out. I still have some clean up in one field that I will do here in an hour or so before I head back to the really thick stuff. Lesson learned I hope and i will be really paranoid for the rest of the cut. I am sunburned beyond recognition at this point and my forehead is already peeling with my ears to follow quickly. Same thing that happens every first cut of hay.

We've had a bit of a health disaster here this week, the hubster spent 2 nights in the hospital with what started out as a supposed appendix problem and turned into non specific gastro-intestinal inflammation. Go figure. He's lost a week of pay now and still has to go see another doctor tomorrow. So much for fixing fence and finishing the chicken coop. We'll be hard pressed to pay the mortgage now. Geez I hate this. We just can't catch a break ever.

Well, since I can't finish the fence that would keep the cow from roaming all over the country side, I shortened up the horse paddock and used the panels to make a small cow pen next to the garden. At least she will have some grass for a few days while I try to figure something else out.

I had 2 rabbits kindle on Monday and they killed all their kits. Both these does are good does, neither have ever done this before. Not sure why they were upset, maybe the weather or something to do with that big rat snake.

The garden is looking pretty decent and now that it's warmed up (downright hot now) it should take off quickly.

Off to finish the hay field.....


  1. That is rotten all around. Put a hat on! Hope your husband gets better soon. I don't know what a haybine is, but will google it. Maybe this week will go better.

  2. Hey PP, thanks for the good thoughts, we need them. hubs is still all cramped up, another doc appt tomorrow. Lots of cool pics on google of haybines, mine is one of those pull behind red and yellow ones. It's got a cutter bar, a reel with rake tines on it to pick up the cut hay and 2 rollers that squeeze the moisture out of the cut hay. it spits the hay out in a row behind it. Kind of cool toy unless you clog it up with too much at once!

  3. How does the doe kill the kits? Sandy

  4. Hey Sandy! The doe threw them all out of the box but one. She then just let them die. She had 12, threw 11 out. I dont know why, she's never done that before.

  5. The thing you wrote about that I can relate to best is the kits. I've had rabbits as pets and meat since I was in elementary school. Shame about the kits, MM. It's weird that 2 does rejected their little ones at the same time like that. Sorry to hear about all your troubles. There has to be better days ahead, friend.


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