Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goat Day on the Farm

It's kind of overcast today, looks like it might rain again on us. Not that I'm complaining about some rain. The last few days have been seasonably nice, in the mid 80s with moderate humidity. As soon as this front goes by tho, high 90s will be back. Just in time for me to finish cutting the hay in the one field and get started on the next one.

The goats have been free roaming the farm since I do not have a goat pen built yet. I can't keep them cooped up in the barn with no sun light or grazing time. So far, they've been behaving rather well.

I need to work on the garden today while it's not so hot. It's starting to produce for me, tomatoes, peppers both coming on and several cucumbers almost ready to pick and eat. Right now, there is a young doe laying next to it. She's not sleeping, the coyotes got after her while she was trying to fawn. I don't have any piece of equipment running that will fit in between the fencing and the garden to haul her out of there, she's too big for me to drag out. Not sure what I'm going to do about her. She is starting to stink so I will have to do something about it. Yuk.


  1. Please don't let the coyotes get her. Ask neighbors for help in hauling her out. Where is her baby?

  2. Hey PP, it was too late when I found her. Too bad the dog didn't bark or I could have at least saved the fawn. The coyotes tore her up pretty bad, poor thing, she and the half born fawn were already done in.


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