Thursday, June 16, 2011

Commercial Dough Enhancers and Raw Milk

Oh yes, once again I'm up to no good, LOL. I've been reading again over at Alex Jones' infowars and these 2 articles caught my attention.

The first one is about a common ingredient in commercial breads. Alex linked to the original article from natural news. It turned my stomach even knowing I don't eat commercial breads. Just the thought that I used to eat it made me want to upchuck. L-cysteine, a common commercial dough enhancer, is made from human hair? Wait a minute, now it's even worse... human hair from China???? Say it isn't so! The article goes on to say that this additive is also obtained from other sources which include chicken feathers, duck feathers, cow horns and petroleum byproducts.
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Now, I am seriously against commercial foods for plenty of reasons. Now I have one more!

Lew has a great article concerning the raw milk battle and echos my thoughts on why our government is so insistent on "controlling" raw milk and keeping it almost impossible for the average person to enjoy milk in it's true and healthy form. The original link also came from Alex Jones' infowars. I drink raw milk. I like raw milk. Goat or cow, it's all good to me. I would not drink milk at all if all I had to choose from was commercially packaged milk. Frankly, I find store bought milk to be disgusting and the mere thought of drinking milk that if full of bovine growth hormone and puss from the mastitis is promotes is enough to make me hurl. I know instantly, before I even draw the first squirt of milk from my cow or goat if the milk isn't right. My animals get hand milked, I know what the udder looks like, feels like, I know all the dirt is washed off of it, there's no nasties on the udder and no floaties in the milk when I am finished. So, just the thought of some government worker telling me my raw milk is less safe than the crap sold in stores rub me the wrong way. How dare he or she assume they know more about my animals than I do? How dare he or she assume they can tell me what I can produce and consume for myself on my own farm? I've got 2 words for them and they aren't "thank you".

Anyway, I liked both the articles and wanted to share even tho the one made me want to hurl ;)


  1. Hair,yuck! Now, I have to look on my bread and see!

  2. Hey PP, yuk indeed! Isn't it amazing the junk they put in commercially produced food?

  3. That is disgusting. A while back the chiropractor I try to go to was telling my sister in law about an ingredient in commercial bread that contributes to weight gain. We have gotten to the point we make our own bread and buns, and if for some reason we don't get to it then we don't eat it. As for the milk thing we are going to try to invest in a mini jersey milk cow or just settle for a average size milk cow.The problem with goats is that everyone around here feeds their goats the expensive alfalfa hay and there is no way that would be affordable. How's your hubby feeling? Also what do you do with all the extra milk from the cow and goats? Do you make goat cheese? Love your blog,keep it up!

  4. Hey Coley! I try to have some around all the time since we're big bread eaters. I hate not having any and I agree, disgusting! Oh, you're below the blister beetle line, aren't you. I grow alfalfa here for both the rabbits and the goats. I don't have enough room to grow enough for the horses and the cow tho. Extra milk? Not right now I don't. I wish tho! That darn calf is suckling 3 gallons a day off Momma and the goat is still suckling a kid as well. The other 3 did not give me milk this year. When I wean, I'll be making cheese!

  5. I smile every morning as I milk my goats. I know what feed they get, I know the care they get. I have worked at several commercial dairy farms and the disgust I feel whenever I see one of those *happy cow* commercials is immense. I love my goats milk!I only have goats and chickens now, but I look forward to the day when we have the acreage to have a cow for milk, too and a steer for beef.

  6. Lamb! I am right there with you. It amazes me how disconnected people are from where their food comes from or even how it's made.

  7. Isn't it amazing that the government tells us that raw milk will hurt us, but ingesting human hair is perfectly safe and healthy?!

  8. Hi Jamie! LOL, I know it, the lies just pile up like the critter poop around here, LOL. Thanks for stopping in!

  9. Oy.....the bread bit made me ill...... Who on earth even brainstormed that ingredient??!! Why?! Ugh..

    As for milk, we drink raw goat's milk.....My Alpine, Sabrina peaked at 13.8lbs per day (now averages about 10lbs per day) so with just her we have plenty for drinking (we drink quite a bit of milk).

    My kids (ages 6 & 8) think store bought whole milk has water in it since they are used to raw goat's milk with all the cream :)

    We considered a cow, crunched numbers & goats are way easier, cheaper & don't leave behind cow patties, so we are quite happy with them. Next year I'm freshening at least 4 does here and hope to start cheese making, can't wait!


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