Saturday, June 18, 2011

Around the Farm 6-18-11

It was my intention tonight to take a couple pictures of the muddy garden but I got distracted and all I finished up evening chores with is a few pictures of the critters, a couple skeeter bites and some mud that got slung on me when Rowdy stole feed from the cow while I was milking.

The humidity is thick enough to cut tonight. Soaking wet while milking isn't the highlight of my day ;) But, the quart of fresh milk is worth the effort. I need to figure out how to pen the calf off the cow during the day so I can get a little more milk. The current outdoor pen doesn't give me much in the options department for it.

It's now 5 days of intermittent rain and brief storms. I am ready for it to go away so I can get the rest of that hay cut. The sooner the better or I won't have a good second cut later this year.

My hubster had 5 nasty spasms today. Keep the prayers coming...


  1. Pretty calf...are you planning on keeping her?

  2. Hey Coley! I really haven't decided yet. I guess if the price is right, I might sell her but then i wouldn't have a milk cow in the future. Her momma isn't going to cut it unless she shapes up quick.

  3. ohh she might "cut it" but it won't be the way she would like it! LOL


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