Thursday, June 30, 2011

ARG! Bad Day

Today was horrible in so many ways. First, Hubster was diagnosed with Diverticulitis from the scope yesterday and can't get an appointment to be released until July 7th. Yay rah. Next, I found my last banty hen dead in the barn isle. I guess she zigged when she should have zagged and a goat stepped on her. The next thing was a flat tire on the tractor. While working on that, we discovered that our tool box was missing out of the back of the truck. Apparently, someone stole it from the truck bed at the hospital. Real nice. Guess sick people make good targets. our fault for not removing it I guess. Now I have no tools at all. Borrowed a couple tools from the neighbor, got the tire fixed up, headed to the hay field, hooked up to the cutter and broke a pick up rake bar on the 3rd pass. I have no idea what happened. I have no clue how I am going to finish the first cut now. It's what I would feed my animals thru the winter. I had to just come home because I do not have any money to buy the parts and can't cut with it like it is. So, home I went and then I got out to the garden to do some weeding. There, I found the calf, standing in the middle of the garden. Goober cow must have rubbed on the fence hard enough to knock the end post loose in the soggy ground and Daisy calf squeezed out around it, right into the garden. She stomped several tobacco plants and half a row of beans. So, I headed in the house for a cup of coffee and something to munch on. That was a lousy idea. Second bite of bread and I lost that front tooth the rooster knocked loose.

This has NOT been a good day. I need a good cry.


  1. Dayum, I thought I had a bad day.
    Sounds to me like you could use a stiff drink too.

    Back into my prayers ya go.

    Better luck to ya.


  2. Stop praying for patience! Or any other character trait! LOL God ALWAYS gives us multiple opportunities to work on those things...and days like today then just happen.

    That is a stinking, rotten, horrible, poopie day! Sorry for the language. ::wink::

    The only encouragement I can give you is that losing so much means God has the opportunity open up a whole new door for you. And that is not as lame as it sounds. You are going to have to trust me on that...because otherwise I will write an epistle and no one needs to see that.

  3. sounds like the kind of day that gave birth to that song "if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all". I hate days like that!
    I hope things turn around soon! At least they figured out what was wrong with the hubby!

  4. Praying for you guys! Hopefully things get better soon!

  5. I would have just gone back to bed.

  6. Sorry for your troubles and thanks for making my day seem a little better. When things are going bad for me I like to say that we all have our cross to bear.

  7. Hugs your way, a good cry can be something we all need now and then, you win the prize in pain and suffering for sure here latley!! Hope hubby is on the mend soon, keep your chin up God left you a suprise in your new baby goat, the rest he will work out on his own time

  8. Are you planning on writing a country song? lol. Dang, that is some bad luck!


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