Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wore out and Sore

The wore out and sore came from my brilliant idea to check out the Herrin Festa Italiana. Every year, Memorial weekend, there's this big,seriously hyped street carnival on steroids. In all the years I've lived
here, I have never attended. This year, my son wanted to see a couple of the rock bands scheduled to appear. So, instead of driving him up there, dropping him off and driving back late at night to pick him up,
I had the brilliant idea that hubster and I would enjoy the festival during the concert. Silly me for thinking that it was actually some sort of "Italian" festival. The great Italian food was a line of carnival stands with the same food you find at any street carnival only double the prices. The great italian heritage booths were just cheap carny junk. After 40 minutes of trying to walk thru masses of poorly behaved people, we just headed out of it and found a nice little bikers bar with a 3 man blues band playing. The music was nice and the bar was not crowded so we had the chance to enjoy ourselves. We won't be doing the Herrin Festa ever again. Not our kind of thing.

My lonely drakes swimming in the root cellar pond. Shadow and Charcoal enjoyed a little shade for their nap as well.

I'm trying something new to the garden this year. I had decent luck last year growing peanuts in a tire as an experiment. This year I'm trying a row of them in the main garden. They haven't sprouted yet, pictures if/when they do.

Hubster went fishing with his Dad this morning and came home a little while ago. He flopped on the couch and since he didn't say anything about it, after about an hour, I asked him about the fishing. Guess what's been leaking all over the front floorboard of my truck for the last hour?


  1. Festival's just aren't what they used to be... or maybe it's just that the older I get the less I like being around "badly behaved people". Either way, I'm with you on that one.
    As for fishing... if I had caught something I would be making sure everyone saw it! LOL that's just me but I'm a kid when it comes to fishing... "Looky what I got"!!!
    Have a Super Day! :D

  2. Aaaack, maybe Lucky will eat the floorboard for you, or the cats can lick it clean. I would have to supply him with a pail or dishpan AND question him on his How were the fish? Did you fry them? I love home fried fish but refuse to eat them in a restaurant.

  3. I never tire of photos of all your sweet kitties.


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