Friday, May 27, 2011

Waiting for the Break

Today was a damage assessment day for the garden. Some weed control as well. While I was out there working diligently, Lucky was behind me eating the tops off my peppers and beans! Lucky killed 5 pepper plants and a dozen or so beans. He has figured out how to get around the fence and is now tied up on a long rope in the barn lot. I need the goat pen finished.

The cornmeal corn is up, the kidney beans are up (hey Scifi, did I say Friday? LOL)

So far, the worst of the nasty storms has missed the farm but there's another headed this way that might get us. I'm ready for a break in the weather so I can get hay cut! I'm down to 8 days of hay left and I am really uncomfortable with cutting it so close. No rain last year and the drowning we'd endured so far this year makes for some jangled nerves.

Ah, to be a kitten living in our farmhouse! This one is looking much better, still has a bit of the eye ick and runny nose but is finally starting to gain some weight. She's making herself at home all over the furniture...

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