Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sun at Last!

Woohoooo, the rain is over!

There's a slight chance of thunderstorms on Thursday and again on Saturday but after that, looks like I'll be cutting hay! That is a very good thing because I am just about out. The sick cow eats more than I had anticipated ;) The constant gray days really dampen a persons mood. Everywhere around us is flooded, roads, farmland, peoples homes and businesses. In the 17 years I've been living here, I have never seen it this bad. Even areas on high ground are seeing flooding in their low lying spots. There just isn't anywhere for the water to go and more keeps coming from upriver. I need 3 or 4 days of a good breeze, a roll over in the mud to help dry it more and I'll be setting the kidney beans out. Hubsters mud patch of sweet corn is actually hanging in there, despite the slop and cold over night temperatures.

LOL, I read an article over at Alex Jones Prison Planet this morning, talking about how some stuffed shirt scientists have decided to create a new disorder. It's called orthorexia nervosa and people that choose to eat healthy food are afflicted with this new brain disorder. ROFL There's a link in Alex's article to the natural news report on the subject. Talk about a crock of bullscat there, I'm mental and I need to be medicated because I won't eat commercially produced poison. LOL While they're at it, they better call the FBI and the FDA because I consume raw milk products! I need to be lined up right next to the Amish man the government is prosecuting for providing clean food for people. Even better than that tho, a UN food advisor thinks we should all eat insects! I think he should just have at it because there is no way in hell anyone is going to force me to eat bugs or commercial food.

Anyhooo, an internet friend of mine was kind enough to send me a stevia plant. He mailed in on the 26th of April from Maryland, priority mail. It arrived here on May 2nd, dead as a doorknob. Gee thanks usps for such a good job. The tracking number shows they sent it to Anchorage, Alaska. Nice, real nice. So much for the 2-3 day delivery.

Okay, I'm off to go play in the mud......

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  1. I too am so glad to see the sun today and hoping that this water goes down. I am definitely getting cabin fever. I am so ready for summer. Hoping to be able to get some plants in the ground once the flood waters fall.

    Take Care,
    Debbie K


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