Saturday, May 21, 2011

Same old Thang

No cool pictures today, been too dirty to play with the camera. Had a bit of aggravation Thursday while turning the half muddy garden over. The pull cord assembly on the 3 year old tiller broke. It's a Sears so forget about a service department or repair. Ordered the part via the phone from the warehouse in Kentucky, they told me there's just one pull cord assembly in the US, it's in Memphis. Of course, according to them, that part almost never breaks, almost. Well, hello, mine is broke! Middle of this coming week for the part to arrive via the mail, I'm not holding my breath. Hubster came home yesterday and made it work for me, tilled up the last of what I needed and the garden is more or less planted. Sweet corn, meal corn, pumpkins, 2 types of squash, 3 types of hot pepper, sweet peppers, carrots, radish, cucumber, 2 types of tomato, tobacco, onions, garlic and my kidney beans. A sprinkle of rain yesterday wasn't enough to suit me so I watered this morning for seed germination. Everything is still kind of looking transplant shocked but it will all come around and get growing soon. This coming week I will be working on the front garden spot for the other tomatoes, more onions and garlic and a few specialty items I'm working on.

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