Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh my Aching Back

I've been pretty busy around here. Working on cleaning up all the tree branches and push mowing where it's still swampy from all the rain. I built a fence/gate across the driveway today to keep Daisy calf in. The cattle dog ran her out into the road yesterday. We can't be having that! Popped a sheer pin on the tiller trying to work up the mud so it would dry out quicker.

I've collected several different ideas for a chicken house design, I'm going to build one this weekend to keep the chickens penned up for a while. They are destroying everything I plant this year and I just can't tolerate that.

It's supposed to rain all weekend, I hope I can get some time in between the rain drops to get the chicken house assembled....


  1. Muddy here too, but we're glad to have it because it was so dry. It rained for 2 days non-stop and we netted 4-1/2 inches of rain. It was a good steady rain, and soaked in deep, PTL! Now to keep the wind from blowing and sucking it all back out*sigh*, that's typically what happens.

    I was glad to have two days to get some much needed cleaning inside done. It's amazing how much dust 25 chicks can add to a house, and it just keeps settling.

    Blessings for your day,

  2. Good luck on your chicken house.
    If I had to do all mine over again I don't know if I would even get chickens or not, LOL. I could have used the money and had a real nice vacation for the past two years. Building it all pay check by pay check adds up after a while and we are still not done building. For some reason we keep adding on. I need to build a quail barn and run now. The chickens, goats and geese have turned into a full time business for the wife now.

  3. Hi, MM; Have you seen this article on chickens? http://www.richsoil.com/raising-chickens.jsp It's not how to build a coop, so it's no help there. But, it discusses a way to keep them out of your stuff , and happy.

    Can't wait to see your new chicken house.


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