Thursday, May 26, 2011

Keeping and eye on the sky

We've been ducking the severe storms for the last couple of days. Lots of wind, some heavy rains and plenty of lightning. We have fared much better than others tho and we should all say a prayer for the people in Joplin, Sedalia and the other cities that have been wiped out by tornadoes since Sunday.

In between the rains, 100' of fence got put up and the tractor helped to clear off some of the downed trees in the way. Still 350' to go but the money isn't there. At $1.34 a foot, I'm quite a bit short of finishing. The cow can not be turned out until it's done since she can't seem to stay put like the goats and horses do.

Speaking of the cow, the third round of antibiotics did not work. Now we have another quarter acting up. There's no swelling in it but the milk is curdling in the fridge over night. It seems I will need to wean the calf with the moon sign and get rid of the cow. It appears that nice Amish man sold me his problem.

Most of the garden is in, hanging on thru the rough weather. Looks like I lost 5 tobacco plants and 4 Roma tomatoes. Everything else appears to be fighting thru it all. The cornmeal corn is up and the kidney beans should be up by the weekend. The sweet corn is going well in the one patch and just planted in the other. The taters will need hilled in the next day or so.

Off to do morning chores.....


  1. Something you might try that helped with one of my goat udder problems...give that udder a good massage with vicks vaporub a couple times a day. yeah, sounds weird but it helped.

  2. Cool Roxie, I might try that. What i have been doing is keeping the calf out of the stall in the barn all day, milking the good udders in the evening and letting the calf empty the suspect udder and leaving her with her momma all night. Calf is 3 months old now, she can handle it, LOL. So far so good, the barn is still standing anyway ;)


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