Thursday, May 5, 2011

Farm Life in a wet May

What a nice day it's been. Still a bit breezy and colder than I'd like it to be but still a nice day. Goober got some grazing time today. I left the lead on her, wasn't sure I'd be able to catch her easy but it turns out, she comes right to me and follows me around. Well, after the run around, buck, kick and act stupid phase anyway.

Had to spend around 20 minutes catching a wayward bunnie too. My old rabbit hutch is about done for. The tiny escapee gave us a run for our money but I won in the end and the squirmy bunnie is back with the pack. Those tiny little buggers can move pretty quick and they're hard to hold on to without squishing them. They're palm size now and growing quick.

Got the culture collected from Goober this morning and dropped off at the vet. Maybe if we figure out exactly which bacteria she has, we can eliminate it for good and I can quit using that cow as a pin cushion.

I saw a couple tractors up and down the road today. Maybe my fellow farmers are going to try to mud some corn in on a few of the higher ground fields. I might try to turn some ground over tomorrow to help it dry out quicker. We'll see......


  1. Here in central Indiana I haven't seen any farmers out plowing yet. We're still having rain almost every day. Hope it stops and the ground drys up soon. With the flooding in the south there'll be a real need for crops any of the farmers can grow this year.

  2. Farmers in our area have been planting for a month, but we NEED rain, it's so dry and we have gone from cold and grey to HOT and sunny. Looks like we'll be hooking up our irrigation pump for yard and garden this weekend. We're still waiting on our irrigation pump and supplies( ordered) to get our pasture irrigation started. We have irrigation right from the river 65 gpm, but high water comes end of May through June and that is when we really need to water the pastures but fear dropping the pump in that it will be swept away, so last Spring we invested in getting a 6" well drilled, now to get the electicity and everything hooked up and running, this will be for flood irrigation.

    Hope you find out which bacteria Goober has so you can treat it and be done.

    I planted my Walla, Wall onions today and hope to get our potatoes in this afternoon. Maybe this weekend I'll get our salad crops, beets, parnips, turnips and cabbage planted( covered with hot caps at night, until frost is gone.

    Blessings for your weekend,

  3. The best way that we found to catch a loose rabbit(or chicken) is with a fishing dip net. Hey it works! lol


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