Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Slap to Food Freedom

Yes, one more slap in the face of American Freedom. We are well on the way to a New World Order and a socialist Utopia. FDA claims power to seize food without evidence of contamination. Yep, you read that right, the government doesn't feel that they need a reason to usurp your rights to eat what ever you choose. They're going to do it at the point of a gun whenever they choose. The bold type in the article is links and at the very bottom is the new FDA rules the government will be implementing on us very soon. Excerpt from the article:

"On May 4th, the FDA stated:

Previously, the FDA’s ability to detain food products applied only when the agency had credible evidence that a food product presented was contaminated or mislabeled in a way that presented a threat of serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals.

Beginning July, the FDA will be able to detain food products that it has reason to believe are adulterated or misbranded for up to 30 days, if needed, to ensure they are kept out of the marketplace. The products will be kept out of the marketplace while the agency determines whether an enforcement action such as seizure or federal injunction against distribution of the product in commerce, is necessary."

The push to poison us with scientifically engineered and genetically modified food is constant. Monsanto's desire to control our entire food supply is in full steam ahead mode. If anyone doesn't eat the manufactured poison they spew, those people will be subject to persecution and prosecution.

Hmmm, this flares up the rebel streak in me. This makes me want to go plant tomatoes in the city flower pots and throw indian corn seed around. Just the blatant audacity of our politicians makes me want to kill a steroid and antibiotic free rooster for supper and make an extra loaf of home ground wheat bread every day. The only way to stop this stupidity is to stop consuming. Quit buying their poison food. Stop putting money in Monsanto's pocket by growing your own food. If you can't grow it for yourself, buy it from someone local that does. Be a part of the solution.


  1. I vote that the citizens use the power of the point of our guns when the FDA comes knocking on the door!!

    I hear that Kentucky Tree Ornaments are invogue this year.

    Newark, Ohio

  2. Well, I didn't see anything about guns in this and seems to me that it just means that if they suspect that someone got sick from one companies food they can check it out before someone has to die from it. It doesn't say that you can't grow your own food or eat your own food; it just says if you are going to market it, they can check it.

  3. becky, have you not read about the armed raids on the co-ops and the armed raid on the amish farm? They didnt just show up and ask politely. this new law extends to even you or I selling fruits or vegetables from home, farmers markets, co ops, home dairies etc. Don't think for one second this isn't the government over reaching, stomping freedom. This has absolutely nothing to do with food safety, it's all about control and big agri business

  4. here's just one raid I know off the top of my head....

  5. Just getting so absurd isn't it.

  6. Monsanto is EVIL..We may only have a half acre..but we raise as MUCH as we can for ourselves...Have you heard about MEAT GLUE?? The film is Australian..but you can bet you best Organic rooster that this stuff is being used in the US and Canada right now!!

    Wish we could grow our own animal feed..but after butchering the steer this weekend..we are down sizing to goats..chickens..rabbits and turkeys.


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